Have you ever wanted more attention from a man?

Does it feel like you can never get enough sometimes?

Well I know just how you feel!

It's both fabulous and frustrating to want MORE in love.

The problem is that this desire for more can lead to smothering out the flames of attraction for a man. It's like a love overload.

So what's a woman full of love and life to do??

Take the pressure off of your relationship and enjoy some creative time on your own or with friends instead.

Focus on your life passions and the things that you enjoy the most in life!

You Live Your Passion By Doing What You Love! Living Your Passion is embracing a bigger picture of life.

The passion I’m referring to is a much broader experience than the heated flames between a man and a woman. I’m talking about enjoying the things that make your soul catch fire.

Think about it, what do you enjoy doing so much that it lights you inside and makes you shine bright?

This type of passion completes you and fulfills you.

And this completeness is what a man finds alluring and enchanting. It raises your degree of difficulty because there are things outside of your relationship that genuinely move you!

Having this type of passion in your life is intriguing to a man, but more importantly, it allows you to live a fuller and more enjoyable life.

Start by asking yourself what do you desire in your life (besides the kind of love you want)?

Make a list of four things that make you extremely happy.
Write Out The Things You Love To Do

This is about scheduling ME TIME more regularly and sticking to it!

Schedule The Things You Listed Above Into Your Calendar!

If you have a hard time coming up with this List then start by getting into the details of yourself.

Your hair, nails, makeup, clothing, nutrition, emotions, health, peace of mind and of course, your feelings. what could you do that would make you feel pampered?

Be authentic and honest with yourself about what you enjoy.

Pick just a few goals and stick to them. Focus on what makes you feel fabulous, make that your priority and then plan the time to do it.

Author's Bio: 

Tatia Dee is a Life & Relationship Coach with a practice focused on helping women achieve the love and life they want in a quick, powerful and successful way. She’s an expert in Helping Women Reconnect With Their Feminine Power.

You can learn more about Tatia Dee and her coaching options at www.Powertolove.com