If you have ever experienced a ruined holiday with a bad traveler, you know how terrible it feels to have your time and money wasted on such a vacation. You might have also experienced a bad holiday with a friend who turned out to be a nightmare once you were out of the city. However, have you ever realized that your own behavior could be a nuisance for your friends? Why not analyze yourself this time and see if you could improve in some areas.

Don’t pack too much

If you have ever found yourself dragging your suitcases and backpacks across the alleys of railway stations and bus stations, you ought to realize that your bags are also a cause of nuisance to others in crowded areas. You may not realize it but it is not a healthy practice to pack unnecessary things in your bags, so much so that the seams of the bags start ripping off even before you begin your journey. You don’t only make it difficult for yourself to drag your bags, you would also find it tough to shop for more things when you reach your destination. Leave some space in your luggage for souvenirs.

Puking on the journey

Some people have physical disturbances in their body when they travel in a bus, train, airplane, or car. If you feel nauseous, you must take appropriate medicines before beginning your journey so that you do not have to puke in front of other people. Nobody likes to sit beside a person who constantly vomits, passes gases, or burps. The bodily noises are natural for everyone, but you must control yourself in public places or with friends.

Complaining too much  

Never complain about how great the stuff is back home when you are traveling to a foreign country. You may not like that cars on rent in Thailand because the ones you hire in your country are better, but there is no point complaining about it. If you constantly miss the home cooked meals while eating in new restaurants, you need to grow up as a traveler. There is no point being grouchy about everything when all you do is miss home. The whole point of traveling is to experience new things, and you must stay at home if you cannot bear changes.

Wearing wrong set of clothes

There is a purpose the entire garment industry is flourishing at a higher pace than ever throughout the world. We have got different clothes to suit various occasions, places, and activities. If you wear high heels in potholed streets, you are going to trouble yourself the most, and others in your group as well. If you wear tight clothing in the airplane that you cannot remove in layers for your comfort, you will feel uneasy throughout the flight.

Behaving against the rules

Every country has some rules that every traveler is expected to follow. When you are in Thailand, for example, you cannot insult the royal family. When you are in India, you cannot indulge in public displays of affection in small towns. When you are in Singapore, you cannot keep or chew gum. You may be jailed for any matter that goes against the law of the land. You must research about the do’s and don’ts of the place you are visiting to avoid trouble for yourself and your friends. No one would like to bail you out while spending their precious time on getting you out of trouble. Be a good traveler and avoid distress for everyone.

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