How negative thinking affects us? Is negative thinking a habit? What is the power of negativing thinking on your subconscious mind?

Have you heard someone say “I feel tried when I get up in the morning. I need to drink a cup of coffee, so I wake up?” Or “I always get nose allergy in July that lasts all summer long?” Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that when they use such negative statements, they form negative mental habits which affect their subconscious mind and makes them have negative feelings and emotions.

When you keep repeating the same negative statements to yourself and keep imagining the worst situations, you will get a negative result in your life. As I mentioned in my book “the ultimate guide to achieve your goals” that you have got to feed your subconscious mind positive thoughts and emotions. The subconscious mind accepts whatever you tell him. It is just like a computer, you will get whatever information you put into it.

Negative thinking patterns
John who is in his fifties says that every year in August, he gets the flu, which lasts for the whole month. The doctor said to him, “Since when did you start getting the flu?” John said, “For over 5 years.” The doctor then asked, “Did you have good health before then?” John answered, “Yes.” Then, the doctor asked, “Do you remember how did that start happening to you?” John said, “No, but when I perspire due to the humidity, I get a cold, then I get the flu.”

If we want to analyze John’s statements, we find that he decided on the followings:

1. I get the flu every year- (He specified the time, which is every year)

2. In August- (he specified the month)

3. I get the flu (he specified the type if illness)

4. When the humidity is high, I perspire and get the flu (he specified the cause and the result)

What John used was consecutive thoughts that were associated with place and time. His expectation and belief made his thoughts become real every year and at the same time. Do you see what the power of thoughts can do?

Your behaviors and thoughts are based on mental strategies that you have been using up to this point. You have a strategy for sleeping, for dealing with people, for eating, for talking to people, among other things. If your strategy tends to be negative, then you have to work on ways to develop positive strategies in all aspects of life.

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Dia Thabet

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