Nayara Energy has contributed towards the development of Devbhumi Dwaraka, Gujrat in more than one way.
Developmental Schemes for Water & Soil conservation, Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Development, Women Empowerment through Skills & Saving Credit Groups, have been proved to improvise the socio-economic conditions of the natives. Their integrated water resource and development interventions have resulted in the creation of additional water storage capacity of 5.27 million cubic meters over the past 5 years.

Besides Agricultural schemes, Nayara has also focused on empowering women & help them become financially independent. Nayara Energy’s stitching center in Vadinar & Waste Paper Recycling Unit has now transformed into a full-fledged garment manufacturing enterprise. Similarly, the waste paper recycling unit run solely by women in Singach village is probably the first such enterprise in the region.

unit is producing high-quality hand-made recycled paper and the program caters to a diverse range of capacities allowing custom designing of products as per requirements.

Nayara has also been actively involved in the Community & Public Health Project. Nayara Energy’s Community Health Project provides primary healthcare services, pathological facilities, and emergency response system ensures doorstep facilities to more than 50,000 patients across 15 villages

Under the public health initiative, Nayara Energy is also working towards the complete eradication of Tuberculosis (TB) in collaboration with the Government of Gujarat, in Devbhumi Dwarka district.

The need for Sanitation and Waste management in India cannot be overemphasized – both of these issues are the epicenter of several diseases and malnutrition issues.
On the education front, Nayara is imparting education to the underprivileged & the passionate with educational initiatives such as Gramshiksha, ILabss, Navtar Education Centre.

Nayara aims to reach the age groups of 6-35 years in 15 villages in Devbhumi Dwarka district & ensuring that by 2025, all the children below 25 years have completed their 10th Std.

Nayara has set up a unique soft-skill lab at ITI Khambhaliya in Devbhumi Dwarka district, which is embedded in the technical curriculum. This ensures that every student at ITI secures the necessary workplace readiness skills. Our intervention reaches out to over 400 students annually.

Nayara has also set up Navtar Education center which is a peer-to-peer learning platform that crowdsources innovations from across the state and enables access to best practices to improvise the learning experience of the children in Gujrat.

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Nayara Energy is one of the top petroleum company with the second-largest oil refinery in India. Formerly known as Essar Oil Ltd, Nayara Energy is presently the best downstream energy company in India