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The other day I was asked how I could both believe in natural medicines and eat meat. This reminded me of the people I have met, usually city dwellers with no first hand practical knowledge of the natural world, who think nature is all harmony sweetness and light.
Any one who has watched two robins fight, who has seen a fox attack chickens or had any real direct contact with the natural world will know that ”nature” is a food chain. They will also know that far from harmony, life is a constant fight for survival. Even amongst plants, one species will take over and cover the land, remove the nutrients at the expense of other species.
Birds eat worms, foxes eat birds. Simple. Eating meat is natural to both omnivores and carnivores and no sensible person can deny that humans are now omnivore.
I personally believe that there are only two justifications for causing harm to anything. These are defence and food, and this applies to plants as well as animals. The farmer must plough the fields and destroy weeds to make the space to grow corn and so it follows that a turkey can be killed to feed a family. This is not against nature, provided this is done within the natural patterns. The problem comes when synthetic chemicals that harm the soil are introduced or unnecessary pain is inflicted during the growing or killing. Nature may not be sweetness and light but it does obey the laws of balance. One need against one sacrifice. One cycle completed in order that another cycle may progress towards its own natural end.
Where does magnetic therapy or indeed any form of health care fit into these beliefs? If we were to take an illogical extreme view of natural life; we would have to say that all health interventions are un-natural. This is obviously silly; we have the intellectual capacity to relive suffering and the abilities to prolong worthwhile life. It is un- natural to reject abilities when we have them. The big cat does not reject its ability to hunt, so we should not reject our abilities to heal and mend. How we do this is a really BIG question!
If we can do this in line with nature and without introducing un-natural chemicals to our bodies, then so much the better.
Another question everyone all over the world seems to be asking at the moment is “How can we reduce our outflow of cash”
When it comes to the situation of pain relief the answer is Magnetic Therapy. One immediate saving is that magnets treat both the symptoms of pain AND ALSO treats the cause, so you do not need two separate treatments. The initial coping and the treatment are the same thing with magnets.
Another cost saving aspect is that they can be reused many times which is a huge cost saving. The second use is free of all cost!! Even the first initial low price of the magnets and magnet containing wraps is much better for your budgets than many other treatments.
If you have had repeated problems in the past with, for example, pain and restricted shoulder movement; then buy a flexible shoulder wrap to use immediately you get a re-occurrence of the problem. The wrap will support the shoulder, relive the pain and ensure the quickest possible recovery. Saving expensive treatments and potentially even greater costs of having to take time off work.
Knee supports, elbow supports, wrists and backs; all have a wrap with magnets in specific places to ensure the best pain relief and the speediest recovery. I have to caution you that in cases of severe pain and often repeated episodes that do not seem to have a cause, then you should see your medical advisor and have the problem checked out but for 99% of us the cause is either muscle damage or wear and tear on the joint and its connecting tissues. The support wrap is the best option for recovery anyway.
Inexpensive “spot” magnets can also be re-used many times; just get the replacement plasters and the magnets can be used over and over again. These have such a variety of pain relieving uses, if you check through the specific articles relating to your problem you will see how to use them for most of the common problems.
Some Magnetic Therapy pain relieving products have a dual use, for example the belts and the Jewellery, what could be a greater saving than something that makes you both look and feel better but costs less than most things that only do one of these.
Magnetic Therapy is one of the oldest established therapies and at the same time one of the newest. Magnetic and magnetism have fascinated people from ancient China through the eras of the Vikings, through the first Elizabethan age right up to the present time. Magnetic Therapy is expanding both its scope, through Trans Cranial Magnetic Impulse developments, and its acceptance by the public. Magnets ease the flow of both energy and blood. The energy links the spirit, emotions, mind and body to each other. So magnets can act as a signal booster, as used on TV sets when the reception is poor, and can be used for a wide variety of health care problems.
Magnetic fields do not weaken or run down ( within normal time spans and conditions), i.e they do not act like a battery, because the energy always returns to within the magnet, the fact that it has affected something whilst on its journey outside the magnet does not change this. This is unusual even in the natural world but is very useful in Magnetic Therapy. Magnets and items containing magnets have been developed for just about every conceivable therapeutic need, from specific joint support wraps, which contain just the right strength magnets to aid healing, through to devices that fit the nose to reduce snoring. From very attractive jewellery, that is both decorative and beneficial, to high strength “spot” magnets that can be used for specific pain relief and as meridian flow improvement.
If you wish to make a greater study of how to magnets may help improve heath, and may be to increase your future income by becoming a therapist; sign up for the on line course. Learn how to save on your family pain relief and have the potential for an extra income stream in the future. E mail

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Peter Rose
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Educated at Technical High School and Colleges.
GCE (Maths Physics and English) ONC and NVQ qualifications in engineering and management.
Apprentice engineer then various technical positions in Plastics engineering and then sales

1983/4 studied Shiatsu at the East West Centre in London and continued studies with Harold Dull, Waturi Ohashi, Yamomoto etc
1984 to 1986 studied massage/ anatomy/ physiology/ acupuncture and homoeopathy with the Association of Natural Medicines.
1986 and on going started to study the effects of magnetism and energies in the human healing process..
Was one of the earliest members of the Shiatsu Society and a founder member of the Suffolk and North Essex Shiatsu Association.
Organiser of the first East Anglian exhibitions of Natural Medicine
Co started the Green Lodge Centre for Integrated Medicines
Worked for 3 years at the Colchester Open Road drug and alcohol treatment centre the 3rd year as full time therapy co-ordinator
Taught Shiatsu at The Colchester Institute ( a regional College of Anglian Polytechnic University)
Was an elected director of the Shiatsu Society for 2 years
Manager of Shiatsu International.
Author of books on Magnet Therapy ( “The Practical Guide to Magnet Therapy” pub Godsfield Press and “Magnet Healing” pub Connections.).
Has made successful TV appearances promoting Shiatsu.
Now retired from providing treatments that incorporate Shiatsu, Acupressure, Magnet Therapy, Moxibustion and advice on herbal, flower and homoeopathic remedies.
Peter Rose.
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