Have you ever asked or thought about, how much time do we have? This is not in the sense of your day to day activity or for your examination or to prepare yourself for an interview or to catch your transportation. This is in literal sense of life. In this fast world we forget what we are doing! We all are running behind our work or job, money etc... But we never remember to ask ourselves how much time do we have?

This is interesting question!!! Many may think it’s foolish philosophical question which we don’t need to give attention for; but when you take time out for yourself (even for 5 min) on this question then you will realize how much time do we have? Let me come to the point, if you are expecting that, I am going to give some different answers which you don’t know then I am sorry that’s not going to happen here.

Life is Short:

Life is short; we need to learn that first. Life is very short to hold grudges, anger, or any negativity in you. In life whatever happens; happens in split of seconds. Life is too short. Live each day as your last. In life things are simple, but our mind makes things more complex to understand. We never want to see the things as they are; our mind's want to complicate things and then understand what it is!

I remember the famous dialogue of a movie called 'School of life' - “It takes less than death to kill a man”. Have we ever pondered on why we are taking things too serious in life; at times. Now let me ask you few questions

Have you ever tried to understand somebody’s pain?
Have you ever tried to be there for someone who is really in need?
Have you ever tried to understand others without judging the person?
Have you ever tried helping people out of way and expected nothing in return?
Have you ever tried to show some gratitude to people who have done even a small help to you?

Those who answers yes to even at least two of the above questions, then I would say that, they does have some understanding about life.

Life is not a bed of Roses:

Life is not a bed of roses – there are more thorns even in roses- it is little hard. Life itself has a greater meaning which we should understand. Many people take life for granted; they just want to live life for their own sake in merriment. But, the real meaning of life is far bigger and it does have some purpose. Each and everybody’s life is inter-connected, in one way or the other, which no one knows. This human life is to evolve; to make us more humane and to reach divinity.

The most important quality of reaching it is, patience. We must cultivate immense patience in life. Let’s develop more patience to forgive people and their mistakes. Let's develop ourselves to endure our sufferings.Coming back to forgiving; when we forgive people then our inner self expands and we get close to divinity.

We should learn to love people. Each and everyone of us make mistakes; no one is perfect in this world. We should accept it. Before we criticize others we should think are we ready to accept criticism on us. If you are ready to accept it in a positive note; then you should think whether is it worth doing that criticism and will it have or make any positive impact on others only then you should go ahead.

Finding fault in others is as easy as finding flies in our rooms. But to find goodness in others lies a real talent; to bring that good out in most productive manner and eradicate their lacuna is the best thing one can ever do for others.

Miracles do happen:

Let us live life each day. Let us show some gratitude towards others. Let us make ourselves better in one way or the other every day. Let us become sensitive towards other peoples emotions – if we are not sensitive towards other people emotions, then, what is the use of being human and educated! When we become sensitive our inner self opens up to wider range; then comes a real miracle. In life Miracle do happen, only, when we believe it and allow it to happen.

Now, can we answer the question I had asked in the beginning, how much time do we have? The answer is not much!! So, let us first develop our nerves to know the real meaning and value of life. Then, let us make people in and around us to know the real value of life. All the best to all.

Author's Bio: 

Madhusudhanan S is working as a consultant. He loves to write and contributes to Self growth.com.