You can’t be too careful’, the saying goes. That is absolutely right, because we will all fall sick at some time or another and any of us can meet with an accident. With this in mind, it is very important for us to protect ourselves, from a financial point of view, so that if we do meet with an accident or fall sick we have medical insurance that will take care of us. This is important because we don’t want the added stress of financial worry in addition to our sickness or injury.

There are more than enough companies that offer a health insurance plan that can be tailor-made for clients depending on their specific needs and wants. In India, the Government encourages you to apply for a mediclaim policy, by giving you a tax benefit if you get one. To get a mediclaim policy you have to just pay a small amount every year, depending on your age and health, and you are covered for a much larger amount in case you suffer any illness or injury during the period of your policy.

Companies usually take Corporate Best Insurance for all the employees in the company, so employees, and their families, are covered. This is very helpful to the employees and makes a lot of sense to the company as well. Since companies, especially bigger companies, have a number of employees who travel, both within the country and overseas, they also avail of travel insurance for their employees while the employees are travelling. Travel insurance can cover expenses incurred from loss of passport, loss of baggage, etc. to injuries suffered by employees while they are travelling. Accident insurance is taken by people who want to cover themselves from any personal accident they may suffer. Accident Insurance is narrower in scope to general health insurance, as accident insurance covers financial loss you may suffer from any accident you might have, where as health insurance can include illness as well as accident cover. Of course, this depends on the nature of the policy the policyholder has taken.

In case you need to claim on your policy there are a number of claim management companies that will help you claim on your policy. The insurer, from whom you have taken a policy, will also help you with claim management. In fact, you will get a claim form along with your policy, which you will have to fill in, in case you want to claim on your policy.

So, stay healthy and stay safe, and consider yourself lucky that medical Insurance Claims is there to rescue you in the unfortunate likelihood that you fall ill or meet with an accident.

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