There are no two opinions about the fact that over masturbation can be really bad for health and can cause many types of weaknesses and sexual disorders to raise serious issues to over all health. Masturbation is not a natural way of satisfying sexual desires but within healthy limits it is acceptable to the body and mind of a person, but once a person crosses the limits it cast serious bad effects on mental and physical health and can also make a person emotionally fragile. At young age due to physical and hormonal changes males and females get attracted towards self stimulation to calm down demands of the body and accommodate hormonal surges, adults too practice self stimulation to satisfy urges for mating, but it is not an alternate to lovemaking and getting into the habit of over masturbation shows serious bad effects on health.

Weakening of parasympathetic nerve is one of the biggest bad effects inflicted on health due to over masturbation. This nerve is responsible for keeping semen locked during normal state and to hold semen back for sufficient duration during arousal. Weakening of this nerve can raise many disorders and problems harmful for sexual as well as over all health of a male. Premature ejaculation, involuntary discharge of semen during sleep or on slightest stimulation and early ejaculation during lovemaking activity are few problems which males face due to weakening of parasympathetic nerve.

Production of semen is an ongoing process in a male's body, with frequent discharge of semen due to over masturbation prostrate gland gets strained and irritated, and it also causes accumulation of seminal fluids in the prostrate capsule which is bad for the health. Male suffering with this condition experiences leakage of semen during urination, thinning of urine stream, burning sensation during or after urination with discharge and can also face frequent urinary tract infections.

Another bad effect of over masturbation on health shows up in the form of infertility in males. Frequent production and ejaculation of semen decreases number of sperms in the semen, reduces volume of semen and decreases sperm motility thereby reducing a male’s capacity to make woman pregnant. Some other bad effects of over masturbation are bending of penis, weak erections, pain during erection and distressed liver. All of these bad effects show up as internal reproductive organs, nerves and glands are pushed to produce semen regularly to replace lost semen due to frequent ejaculation through over masturbation which stress and strain them to cause serious disorders.

Over masturbation casts bad effects on mental health of a person too, people in the habit of over masturbation get so much habitual of it that they cease to enjoy actual lovemaking activity. Due to regular practice of self stimulation actual lovemaking activity appears strenuous to them and to their body and they suffer with the problems like lack of erection or loosing erection during the act even if they are healthy and capable of satisfying a woman in bed. People in the habit of over masturbation become victim of frequent sexual thoughts and fantasies which arouse them many times during the day and arousal without ejaculation is too bad for health as it strains prostrate gland and other reproductive organs to further aggravate the problems.

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