Have you noticed that on any given day you could sign on for anywhere from one to upwards of a dozen FR*EE calls? Depending on whose lists you are on. I’m on quite a few lists so I see multiple FR*EE calls in my inbox daily.

Is it the call or the FR*EE that is so compelling?

Just because a call is FR*EE doesn’t mean it is worth your time, or that it will be valuable for you. It actually might cost you time, energy and peace of mind. It can also cost you money you hadn’t planned on spending if you buy something impulsively on the call.

On the other hand it could prosper you. People give away an amazing amount of valuable information, wisdom and inspiration on FR*EE calls.

You might hear a great tip, be inspired with a new idea, be sparked to think about something in a different way, OR hear about a new program that is just right for you.

What you won’t get is a magic bullet. If it’s a magic bullet you’re looking for, you won’t find it on a FR*EE call. It’s inside you.

I was talking to a client yesterday who told me about all the FR*EE calls she is listening to this week right after she had told me she didn’t have time to work on a project that could be very lucrative for her.

When I asked her what she was looking for on the calls she said, “I guess I’m looking for a magic bullet.

Most people offer FR*EE calls as a way of introducing a service or product they will be selling. They will give you an opportunity on the call to buy what they are selling at a special price. Sometimes they also offer an added bonus for being on the call, for being decisive and taking action quickly.

Decisiveness is an invaluable success and life skill. Quick action often gets you through an open window of opportunity you might not otherwise have.

However, buying the product or service based on a fear of scarcity or a sense of urgency is not a good reason to buy. Fear based decisions never are. Make a conscious decision.

Here Are 5 Tips for Getting Real Value Out of a FR*EE Call

1. Don’t listen to the call primarily because it is FR*EE. Listen in - after reading the description - if you feel inspired or there is likely to be something valuable for you.

2. Make a decision to learn at least one new thing on the call, or to be sparked with a new idea or inspiration. And expect that you will.

3. Implement one thing that you learn immediately. Use it!

4. Write a thank-you email to the presenter and tell them what you liked about the call.

5. Listen to YOU after an offer is made. Make a conscious decision.

I’ve given a few FR*EE calls, and I plan to do more. It’s part of my Divine Purpose to speak to groups, to connect, teach and inspire. And giving feels wonderful.

On some of these calls, I’ll be introducing you to programs that I am excited about, inspired by and believe in. That’s a promise!

Step Into Your Greatness...
Forget about FR*EE and look for value!

© 2006-2010 Reggie Odom

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Reggie Odom CPCC, PCC, founder of Inspired Works, is a professional coach, intuitive consultant, hand analyst, spiritual teacher and speaker. She is also on the faculty of the National Institute of Whole Health where she teaches a coaching series. Reggie is considered a master teacher and unforgettable speaker. She inspires and empowers spiritually oriented women entrepreneurs to step into their greatness, where playing small is no longer an option. She can be contacted at reggie@reggieodom.com.