How much does love matter? by Rosemary Price the psychic. I have met people who think only of love and are quite obsessed with it. To them it is a pure and spiritual thing which they search for and treasure when they find it. They appreciate it. But they often make too much of it because they do not seem to understand that we all feel unloved and unappreciated at times and it would be strange if we could feel fully loved and appreciated 24 7. If they have a hundred friends they want to double it and have two hundred, but forget that quality is as important if not more so than quantity.

Then we have other people who would prefer to have loads of acquaintances and lots of casual one night stands and quickies - with strangers ? - rather than finding people who are in tune with them and who they appreciate as people - where they respect them for them rather than just wanting them to fill a void or give them pleasure. During my many years of working as a clairvoyant I have come across thousands of unique people, many of them are unhappy because they expect too much from others. For an accurate clairvoyant sitting come to Rosemary Price psychic, see below.

Those who value true love tend to value compatibility, peace of mind and having a solid future over pleasure and instant gratification. Those who look for instant pleasure tend to be shallow and too lazy to work at relationships so are more likely to end up alone. Hence they then look for someone to fill that void again, where the person who values love is more likely to be able to get what they want from their partner.

People who come to me, Rosemary Price psychic, for clairvoyant tarot readings tend to be the sort who value love but some of them are looking too hard or desperate for it to be quick and easy, so without it being a choice they can end up with only instant gratification instead. This usually blows up in their face when they find the married man they settled for lied when he made promises or the man who is much too old becomes less and less perfect as they move down the line with things.

To me it is better to be single than settle, but I do readings for many who would rather settle than wait.
They are very rarely happy. And even when they seem to have found what they are looking for it is a strange sort of happiness because they often come to me with lots of questions such as "WILL HE LEAVE HIS WIFE?" There is no real happiness there, only the possibility of it later, and it rarely happens. Rosemary Price psychic. Email and phone readings.

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Rosemary Price
More than forty years of experience as a qualified relationship expert and psychic tarot clairvoyant.