This blog has content about unique features of Ubereats and reason to clone or develop an app like Ubereats. This blog is most helpful for entrepreneurs, startup and restaurant owners.

Ubereats is launched by Uber in 2014 which started its service in San Francisco, California. Ubereats started its campaign as Uber Fresh which delivers food only in lunch time. Now, Ubereats is one of the biggest players in online food delivery industry. Ubereats has expanded around 50 cities in 13 countries and still growing in full speed.

Have you ever thought about developing an app like Ubereats or Ubereats Clone? Then, I have provided you with some unique factors of Ubereats that you should think about.

Ubereats Pool

Ubereats has been testing Ubereats pool for sometimes which is going to be implemented based on test results. Ubereats pool works with a simple concept that, when customers in a pin code ordered in a single restaurant then a driver can deliver multiple orders. Ubereats Pool reduces the delivery expense for Ubereats and makes the delivery process simple. Ubereats planning to provide incentives and offers for customers to order in a particular restaurant.


Ubereats provide exclusive deals and offers to its customer. They provide a count down to offers to increase the number of orders and engagement. Ubereats charges amount to show restaurants in promoted placement.

Intuitive Design

A food delivery app should provide everything that a customer looks for in the first impression. From a recent report, more than 50 % uninstall the app when it doesn’t serve what they look for. Most used Ubereats has a responsive design and a simple user interface which is easy to navigate for users.

Ubereats For Business

Ubereats is added with Uber in the corporate app which helps employee can order food which is paid by the company. It works based on geofencing which lets employee order food only in a particular location and in a specific period of time.


Having an app is not enough as a product has to address user needs. An app should have essential features which help the user with their needs. I hope that I have motivated you to develop an app with unique features to help your user.

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