Have you decided to study abroad and attend a university in New Zealand? How much does it cost to study in New Zealand? I think what students concern most are the tuition and living costs for study in this country. Here is an estimation of the expenses you will have to incur.

Cost to study in New Zealand: before study in New Zealand

Air tickets. Keep in mind that flight prices vary depending on the time you decide to take flight. For my own experience, I flied from my home country to New Zealand, spending around 1,200 - 1,300 NZD (round trip).

Student visa fees. To be able to study in New Zealand you must have a student visa once admitted by the university. For international students applying for a New Zealand student visa, you are required to submit applications in person at the counter at the New Zealand Visa Application Centers, as well as pay Visa Fees and VFS Global Service Fee. How much does it cost for student visa in total? It is about 150 NZD.

To smoothly get your student visa, you are suggested to find an agent via CatEight. CatEight is a platform where many education agents have been registered and using this platform to help students apply for universities and get student visa.

Study in New Zealand cost: tuition

Once you have obtained your student visa you will have to carry out all the paperwork for enrolling at the universities you will enter. Obviously the course registration fees vary depending on the university and the faculty in which you decide to study.

If you decide to study art or social sciences, business, or laws, the total amount of fees is around NZ$9,270-NZ$14,400 per year.

If you want to study Engineering, science, or agriculture, the enrollment fee is around NZ$14,000-NZ$18,130 per year.

The cost of registration for the faculty of dentistry and medicine is the most expensive, about NZ$42,000-NZ$54,390 per year.

On average, the annual tuition for study in New Zealand is around NZ$24,600. An pleasant fact is that the New Zealand universities offer scholarships for international students. Despite the fact that the number of scholarships available is limited. Nevertheless, you can still find many powerful scholarship sites to cut your college expenses.

Except for scholarship assistance, another most common way to release your financial burden is to do part time job. The New Zealand government allows students to do legal part time work. For study duration students can work at most 20 hours per week, while during winter and summer vacations students can work full time.

Study in New Zealand cost: Accommodation

Finding accommodation is perhaps the most delicate part of your study trip in New Zealand. Surely you will want to find an accommodation, which has certain characteristics, meets your needs, and respects your financial resources.

Upon your arrival in New Zealand you could choose among these following accommodations:

Shared rented house: probably the most convenient solution in the medium-long term. It could be the right choice for those who are socialized and would like to share their spaces with strangers.

Residence for students: the most suitable type of accommodation for those wishing to attend a specialization course or university. The accommodations can be studios, mini apartments shared with other students with single or double rooms. Generally these residences are located near the universities.

Accommodation in a host family: in New Zealand, students have the option of staying with a local host family. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to learn about New Zealand customs and traditions and, above all, for those who want to learn the English language.

Studying in New Zealand, how much does it cost for accommodation? Here you can only be given approximate figures because the prices always vary depending on the type of accommodation you choose and the city you are going to live in.

In big cities, the cost of a room in an apartment shared with other people, will hardly be less than NZ$700 per month, while the rent of an entire apartment is around NZ$1500/1700 euros per month.

Final words

The above is the general introduction to the costs to study in New Zealand. Hope it bring you some guidance. Before you leave your home country, it is advisable for you to draw up a list of all the expenses you will have to face in case of meeting any eventuality. Hope everything goes well for you.

Author's Bio: 

Maria, an editor specialized in overseas education.