In the digitized business space, countless business people are slanted in introducing their ticket booking applications. Customers appreciate the consistent experience, holding their tickets from any place, and at some random time.

With powerful versatile applications at the fingertips, booking tickets for any event like a music fest, sports event, and favorite movie require a couple of moments now.

Well, if you have ever come through the overall costing of developing ticket booking then you will get a proper idea from this post. The first thing that you need to work for is the scope and features of your online ticket booking app.

The cost of ticket booking mobile app development depends upon the components and features that you want to add to your ticket booking app. However, advanced features in your Online Ticket Booking Apps are useful and help your users to book tickets in just a few touches. In the layman language, booking tickets is easy and fast. Some people travel on the daily basis or don’t have enough time to visit a physical location to book tickets so they can book tickets for the event and movie using the online ticket booking application.

The mobile Ticket booking App cost also depends upon the following segment-

1. Movie Tickets Booking
2. Sports Ticket Booking
3. Ticket Booking For Musical Events
4. Passes For Seminars
5. Ticket Booking For Plays

These are some components in the application due to which the app cost can rise up giving priority to every other feature that can cost you differently.

Here Are Some Of The Essential Features Of Ticket Booking Mobile App?

Features of The User Panel

• Registration:
• Log-in
• Choose Location/City
• Home Screen
• Show Event Categories
• Event Listing
• Show Event Details
• Book Show
• Booking Screen
• Availability of Seats
• Ticket Category With Prices
• Various Payment Modes
• Coupon Code/Offers
• Download ticket in PDF
• Print Ticket
• Ticket Verification via QR Code
• Reviews & Rating

Features of Admin Panel:

• Admin Login
• Dashboard
• Manage Users
• Manage Shows
• Manage Venues
• Booking Manager
• Manage Earnings
• Manage Profile
• Manage Content
• Offer/Discounts
• Manage Premium Plans
• Push Notifications
• Scan Ticket

Advanced Features of Ticket Booking App-

Along with the basic features, here are some of the advanced features that you can consider in your ticket booking app to provide an amazing experience to your customers.

• Smart Search-
This feature works with AI. You can integrate this feature to suggest to the user about the upcoming shows and offers on the basis of their previous search history. Moreover, by including other algorithms and multiple options, the AI-powered search bar can make the decision-making process easier for the users.

• Google Map Integration-
Google map integration will allow the user to find the exact location of the movie theatre or other recreational places according to their choice.

• Customer Support-
Good customer support is essential to maintain and enhance the brand and trust of the end-users. With the help of multi bot AI architecture and call support, you can resolve the queries of the customers in the least possible time.

• Listing Of Your Own Event-
In a case, you are an organizer, you can put the information about the event or show it on the application. A formatted or custom-made template can help you showcase the available seats, space for writing a synopsis, and much more.

• Integrated Calendar-
This feature is quite useful to the users. They can easily manage calendars using the customization facility, which helps users to keep track of their schedules and stay prepared in advance.

Factors Determining the Cost of Ticket Booking Apps-

Here are some important segments that determine the cost of ticket booking mobile app-

Team Of Required For Building The Application-

If you are up to creating an advanced application that uses all the APIs and integration then the team structure required comprises all the other team members including the project manager, front-end developer, backend developers, designers, and quality analysts.

Hourly Cost For Each Team Member

In India, the rate of developers are comparatively low-

• Project Manager - $20-$40/hour
• Front Developer- $30-$50/hour
• Back End Developer-$30-$40/hour
• Designer-$20-$25/hour
• Tester- $20-$30/hour

App Design-

Hiring a professional or a senior designer you should be up to pay $150 a low-level designer will cost you around $40/hour.


Depending upon the region you hire the designer the cost varies

• USA & Canada: $50-$250/hour
• Australia: $50-$150/hour
• UK: $35-$180/hour
• Eastern Europe:$25-$100/hour
• India: $15-$30/hour

App Platform-

Depending on whether you are developing the app for the iOS or Android platform, the cost is likely to vary.

Apps that run only on iOS platforms are tested against a lesser number of devices. The cost, naturally, is lesser to a significant extent, as compared to Android apps.


Generally, an online ticket booking app contains a lot of data. Building an app like BookMyShow is very hard and can be developed under the guidance of experienced professionals.

In terms of costs, the cost of BookMyShow like app development is higher than a mobile app with basic features and functionalities as well.

You can hire mobile app developer or partner with the best mobile app development company in India to develop an innovative and feature-rich ticket booking app for your business.

Author's Bio: 

Ajay Goyal is a co-founder & Director of Endive Software. As a technology enthusiast, he always likes to learn more about new technologies and share useful information to the team. The mobile application development team follows his idea to build impressive and useful mobile apps.