Are you looking to develop an e-learning app like Amazon Kindle or Byju's? Then first, you need to know all the general details before you enter into a different world of digital education. E-learning app solutions have appeared as an excellent opportunity for the learners, and it modified the conventional model of learning into digital learning, globally. Herewith this article we will help you in comprehending the requirement of these E-learning apps and the aspects considered for its development.

What is the requirement for an E-learning mobile app?

• According to market experts, e-learning apps have a vast scope of making profits. By 2025, it is expected that the e-learning market will reach up to USD 325 billion, globally.
• In India, Byju is one of the leading E-learning platforms which has a market of around USD 5.5. billion.
• 64% of people prefer to use their smartphone devices for accessing the study material.

Why chose E-learning apps methods over traditional learning methods?

• With e-learning apps, users are free to view and learn their required content via videos, podcasts and other means.
• E-learning app has offered a wide variety of content. If a user found some difficulty in understanding any of the concepts, they can easily repeat that concept.
• E-learning app offers exclusive features in which users can chat with highly qualified mentors and tutors.
• The E-learning apps enable better user engagement, as compared to conventional teaching methods.
• Users can discuss and work together, which enhance the participative learning experience.
• By E-learning mobile apps, parents and guardians can track their child’s progress.

How much cost is required for an E-learning Mobile App Development?

The e-learning app development cost depends upon many factors including-

• The complexity of an app
• The features and functionalities required in an app
• The app should be a hybrid or a native app.
• Number of third-party APIs comprised in your app
• In which country is the app being developed

After considering all these significant aspects, you also require a team of professional developers who can develop your mobile e-learning app as per your requirements.

The average price of e-learning app development based on hours:

India –$50 to $75 per Hour
Europe–$100 to $150 per Hour
USA– $150 to $ 250 per Hour

For the development of a mobile e-learning app, you require a team of professionals that includes a project manager, UI/UX designers, team leaders, programmers, and quality analysts. It also depends upon several platforms you want to run your app.

If you want an app with basic features, then it may cost you around $10,000 to $20,000. And, an app with the standard features will cost you about $32,000.
Therefore, consider all the factors before starting an app development and hire a professional team of developers which offers you the best app of your dreams.

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