How much does it cost to develop an e learning app?
The education segment has been constantly evolving with a focus on improving the connection between teachers and learners. The teaching process has been transformed into a cost-effective and impactful medium with the ability to offer easy access to information via e-learning apps. It has appeared as a huge opportunity for educators to impart a constant flow of education especially after the outbreak of the corona-virus pandemic. If you are looking – “how much does it cost to make an app in India?”, then associate with mobile app development company in Bangalore BrillMindz.

E-learning employs electronic media as the technology to provide a fast and easy spread of knowledge in a simple and location-independent way. E-learning has been able to reach all corners of the world due to the easy availability of the internet at all locations of the globe. In recent years, many students or even professionals were able to employ eLearning technology to upgrade their skills. E-learning has been beneficial for many such remote learners to achieve their goals of learning. There will be no limitations in accessing knowledge with the advent of game-changing e-learning apps across the globe. Students or any other interested learners can afford to learn at their own pace from the comfort of the homes. Below are some unparalleled advantages of eLearning:

eLearning apps let the users access various ways of learning things by watching a video, analysing the notes and other advanced learning ways that provide flexibility for users.
eLearning apps offer the users an unparalleled advantage of a quick way of learning along with the benefit of accessing the apps from any place.
Users can repeat the courses if they are not completely clear about the topics when they watch them for the first time.
It can be accessed via a website, depending on the requirement or can be accessed via mobile apps easily by downloading them from the app stores without the necessity to search for website links.
Students will have the convenience to collaborate easily and get a clear learning experience.
E-learning will save ample time and money as learners will not require to spend extra money on traveling to other locations. It will offer the flexibility of easily accessing the learning facilities from their location.
Parents will have the authority to keep a note of their child’s progress by accessing the child’s report card at scheduled intervals.
Various tests assigned for specific topics will ensure to check the learning of an individual after their completion.

Important features in an e-learning app:
User Profile:
E-learning will require the profile creation for different users like students, teachers, administrators, and parents to create a profile for themselves with key information. This profile must include all the important data that differentiate the old users from newly added ones. The idea is simple but important for the app operations to individualize the functionalities and enhance the app performance in the long run.
App review:
Reviews are important for showcasing the app's popularity and rankings on the app store. Therefore, various types of users must be given the chance to rate the program they have been using. They must be able to rate the app on the app store that aids in developing customer loyalty for new and existing users.
Camera accessibility:
A learning process will be successful only if the tutors can connect with their students easily and regularly. They should be able to access the assignments or any homework at regular intervals. Hence, students and tutors will need the requirement of camera features via the eLearning app to capture their assignments and submit them for assessment.
In-app chats and calling:
Students, tutors, and parents must have a chance to connect without any delay during the dedicated timelines. Users must be able to reach their respective tutors for clearing their doubts during the fixed periods via in-app video or voice calls, text, etc.
Multiple payment options and user support:
It will be easy for users to sign-up if multiple payment options are available such as Debit cards, credit cards, UPI, net banking, etc. Provide options for allowing payments via QR code or Barcode to make the payment process simple and quick.
eLearning apps will require a feature where various users will have to access the same content simultaneously. It is important if a tutor wants to give a lecture on the same topic for multiple users employing the same or different devices.
Push Notifications:
Push notification is a crucial feature for any kind of app to notify the users about various elements. It may be to inform about the uploading of any new content, assessment of your submissions, etc. Push notifications are important for both users and business owners to enhance user involvement.
Connecting to parents:
Parents will always need to look at the progress of their child at regular intervals. This feature must connect parents with tutors to give feedback on the students and their academic performances. Even parents can provide suggestions about enhancing the performance of the tutor along with any individuals’ issues in student learning.
How much does it cost to make an educational app in India?
The cost of the e-learning app depends on some of the factors. Below are the factors affecting the cost of an E-learning app:
Educational app cost in India is dependent on the UI/UX design.
Size of the app which is collectively decided by the number of features or complexity on the design etc.
The type of features added in your E-learning app
The platform which is chosen for the development of an E-learning app can be in Android, IOS, or Cross-platform.

Bottom line:
If you are looking – “how much does it cost to make an app in India?”, then the key factor is your selection of a mobile app development company in Bangalore. Associate with a reliable Mobile app development companies in Bangalore such as Brillmindz for a successful e-learning application development venture. The company has a skilled team of app engineers and marketing experts who develop the app for getting the best ROI and long-term profits.

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