Apps are continuously booming the market by providing the best services that grab the attention of the people across the globe. It becomes necessary for every business to shift towards the digital world to increase their productivity and brand awareness in the market. Everyone wants to expand their business by being available to users all the time. This is possible only with the help of apps which users need to install on their devices and then they can make the best use of the services. But the question that hits our mind is "How much will it cost to develop an app in 2020?"

Well, you can relax here. We will provide you with the answer which will clear all your doubts regarding the costing structure to build an app in 2020. Various factors play an important role to decide the cost to develop an app. We have penned down the list of those factors to provide you with an idea about the cost to develop an app in 2020.

Here is the list of factors that decide the cost to build an app in 2020:

1) Business Model
2) Development
3) Type of the app
4) Platform
5) Functionalities
6) Design

Business Model:

The foremost thing that we need to consider before developing an app is to have a business model. It is one of the important factors which helps in deciding the cost to build an app. It is the initial step before starting the development process. This step includes the elicitation of the requirements from the target, knowing their expectations and trying to offer them the best possible solution. All these factors give an idea about what will be the main objective behind the app and an average cost to develop the app.

Development :

The cost to develop an app entirely depends upon the various factors mentioned above and the last phase which we will be explaining in this phase. Whomsoever you choose your development partner will also be going to have a huge impact on the cost of the app, India App Developer who are well known in terms of delivering the best quality mobile applications. Depending upon their feasibility and the quality of the app you want to get developed they will provide you with a brief estimation about the costing structure of the app. Development cost is also dependent on the working hours of the developers who give a new shape to your business by developing the best quality applications.

Type of the App:

After having a proper business model, the second step that decides the cost structure of the app is to choose what kind of app you want to develop. There are three types of apps- web app, native app and cross-platform app and the cost of all these vary from each other. A web app is a mobile version for the website that allows users to access some of the functionalities of the native app. But in a web app, all the functionalities of the native app cannot be incorporated due to which most of the users prefer to use native apps rather than web apps. Developing a web app costs less as compared to the native app but the performance of a native app is higher. When it comes to a cross-platform app the development cost of such an app is moderate as compared to the native app.


The first thing that attracts every user towards an app is its UI. The design of the app is also a factor that determines the cost of developing an app. The simpler the design is, the less will be its cost. If you want to develop an app with a complex design the cost will increase gradually. Well, every user gets attracted to an appealing UI and for incorporating the same in your app you will need to invest a little more.


We have provided you with a list of factors that play a vital role in estimating the cost to develop an application. The utmost thing that also has an impact on the cost of an app is the time required to develop it. It means the number of hours required to develop a fully functional app is directly proportional to the cost of the app. As per the recent market search, the average cost to develop a simple app is about $40000 to $60000 and If you want a complex app then it may cost from $70000 to $90000.

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