Transplantation is the only radical treatment for irreversible liver damage. During the operation, the patient’s organ is excised from the patient and replaced with part of the liver of another person. The development of modern medicine allows for a liver transplant from both a living and a dead donor. In addition, the world's leading transplantologists perform similar operations not only for adult patients, but also for children under the age of 1 year. Most often, transplantation is prescribed for cirrhosis, a hereditary metabolic disorder (including Wilson-Konovalov disease), necrosis, or malignant formations that cannot be removed in any other way.

The cost of liver transplantation is affected by:

● The underlying disease and its stage;
● Type of transplantation;
● The presence of concomitant pathologies;
● Selected for treatment clinic.
● The most common types of liver transplant surgery:

Orthotopic - the donor liver is transplanted to the site of the patient’s completely removed liver;

Heterotopic - a part of a healthy donor liver (usually a reduced or divided donor organ) is transplanted to a stored recipient liver;

Split liver transplantation - the donor’s liver is divided into several parts and can be given to different patients;

Partial - is carried out from a living donor, in which no more than 60% of the organ is excised;
repeated liver transplantation - is prescribed for organ rejection after the first transplantation.

Where is a liver transplant better?
Liver transplant surgery is one of the most difficult in transplantology. It requires not only modern medical equipment, but also the high skill of transplant surgeons. An important aspect of preparation for surgery is the legislation of a country and the cost of surgery.

Liver Transplant Costs in India - There are worlds best transplantology clinics in India and a world leader in liver transplantation. Patients are offered high standards of care, modern medical technology, unique treatment protocols. The success of liver transplantation in the clinic is 95%. This means that in 95% of people who underwent surgery, the organ took root, and the patient lived more than 5 years after the operation.

What is important for a patient to know about a liver transplant in an Indian Hospitals?
According to Indian law, the clinic transplants only from a related donor. The donor and recipient must undergo a full medical examination at the place of residence and send its results to the doctors of the India. After reviewing the documents, the patient receives a preliminary opinion on the transplantation.
2-3 weeks before the scheduled date of surgery, the donor and recipient must arrive at the clinic. After transplantation, the patient is in the hospital for 3 weeks. Within 2 months after the operation, he needs to undergo an outpatient examination. The cost of a liver transplant in India is starting from 17 Lakh

This price includes preoperative examination, transplantation and the necessary medications for it, as well as the period of postoperative rehabilitation. After a liver transplant operation, you must constantly undergo a planned medical examination and lead a healthy lifestyle. The success of the transplantation of the transplanted organ and the quality of life depend on the requirements of all medical prescriptions.

Please note that liver transplant treatment cost starting from Rs.17,00,000. You can check more information like pre-process activities, process details and post-process precautions, hospitals and doctors details on “”. Also, call 8010994994 to get the best price for surgery at leading liver transplant hospitals in India.

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