So much emphasis is put on making money in the home based business arena, but rarely do you hear talk about reducing expenses. This is just as important because if you are spending as much as or more than you are earning then you will continue to struggle financially regardless of how much money you make. Here
are three cash flow goals that you can set to help you avoid this trap.

When you focus on how much you are spending versus how much you are earning you will start to focus on a very important statistic in your home based flow.

You see when someone tells you that they are earning $5,000 per month, a lot of times they will not tell you the whole truth.

They will not always tell you about the hundreds of dollars that they spent on operating expenses..or that they spent another two to three thousand dollars, not because they actually needed that much product or that many services, but because they were trying to qualify for a bonus with their company.

They may also forget to mention the thousand plus dollars that they spent on hotel, convention, and travel fees...and eating out, and advertising, and hosting get the point.

Here are three cash flow goals that you want to have when starting your home based business.

1. Make your first sale- This should be the first goal of any business. Make your first sale. That will give you the motivation to make the next sale, and then next, and the next.

2. Get a positive cash flow as quickly as possible- Your very next goal should be to have more money coming into your business than out of your business as soon as possible.

Traditionally we are taught that we should realistically expect to wait three to five years to turn a profit in our business.

That does not make sense to me, unless it will pay off big time in the long run, and you have the money to invest. Unfortunately, the average person does not have three to five years to wait for a profit.

Besides, a home based business is not an average business. With the internet it is possible to have a positive cash flow within the same day that you start.

3. Have enough money coming into your business to cover both your personal and business expenses.

Once you do this then you will able to work on making $2,000, $5,000, or more above your total expenses.

You will also be able to entertain the thought of walking away from a job that you are not satisfied with.

If you have not already developed the habit of saving consistently, once you have a positive cash flow you should start saving a percentage of your income every time you receive a payment.

Also take a percentage of your income and reinvest it back into your business and/or another income producing asset.

This is how you can achieve true financial freedom.

Much Success,

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Jeremiah Carstarphen
The Cartoon Coach

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