Veneers in Turkey can be compared with false fingernails that fit over the top and slightly over the edge of the teeth. We are designed to enhance and boost the light, size, and shape of a beautiful smile. It is by far the most common cosmetic dentistry materials in Turkey for several reasons that we will cover in this article.

Various results can be achieved with veneers in Turkey according to the patient’s preferences. From a dazzling, bright Hollywood smile that looks more fake and less natural to a complete imitation of the color and shape of your own natural teeth. It’s up to the wishes of the patients and how they want the veneers in Turkey.The craftsmanship of dentists and materials contribute to variations in performance and durability

Veneers in Turkey are not the panacea of all the issues. Usually, they are suitable for people who have stained, slightly damaged, and chipped teeth. If your teeth are in terrible conditions, recessed, overcrowded, or present excessive gaps, the corrective change will defeat the ability of the Veneers in Turkey.

Compared to crowns or dental implants, the Hollywood smile can be achieved without compromising a healthy tooth structure.

1 Why is Turkey the best location for veneers?

2 Benefits of Veneers in Turkey?

3 Veneers in Turkey: Materials & Prices

  1. Cost Comparison: How much cheaper veneers in Turkey?
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Benefits of a veneer?

Compared to the crown and dental implants, Veneers is a cosmetic procedure that saves most dental tissue and maintains a perfect look for at least ten years.

  1. The main advantage of veneers include:
  2. Porcelain veneers are stain-resistant
  3. Very durable Good color matching
  4. Neighboring teeth don’t require a lot of tooth reshaping

Why is Turkey the best place for veneers?

Cost savings is the number one incentive for dental patients to travel to Turkey. But nobody would fly to Turkey just because it’s cheap. Clinical skills and expertise, high standards of hygiene, and advanced technologies and methodologies make Turkey one of the most popular destinations for dental tourists.

Turkish dental clinics see hundreds of patients arriving from different parts of the world with different conditions and complications every week. This factor enables clinics to maintain high competitiveness by signing contracts with first-class manufacturers of dental materials and equipment.

Generally, the experience of your local dentist is limited to a few to ten veneers per week. On average, Turkish dentists see ten times more patients and thus gain more in-depth expertise in their field.

Turkish dental clinics also take full responsibility. With a success rate of 97%, Turkish clinics have demonstrated their level of expertise and experience in dental procedures and surgeries. In the case of 3 percent of clinics; however, they take care of their patients. Dental clinics are fulfilling their promises. Sometimes, even if it wasn’t their fault. In cases where patients who did not take care seriously and therefore faced with poor outcomes, many hospitals also offer to pay extra costs to maintain a high reputation.

In addition to maintaining high standards and destroying skepticism about quality standards in Turkey, clinics are buying the latest technology, materials, and professional training. You may even find that the equipment and materials you find in your local dental clinics and customer service are worse than the average dental clinic in Turkey.

And finally, dentists must speak English, or at least there will be a person translating the communication. Therefore, all of your fears and wishes will convey to the dentist.

Veneers in Turkey:

Materials & Prices Comparison: How much cheaper in Turkey?

You’ve probably already been to your local dental clinic. After your first appointment, the clinic has possibly calculated a final cost to you for veneers in Turkey? The usual price in the United Kingdom for one veneer, depending on the quality of the material, dental clinic, and process, is between 500 and 1500 British Pounds.

Veneers Materials and Methods Clinics in Turkey sell many types of porcelain veneers in Turkey made from different materials and production methods: zirconium, e-max, and VITA Suprinity.

E.max veneers in Turkey

E.max Laminate veneers in Turkey made from a single block of lithium ceramics (a top grade material), which gives the veneers an attractive translucent color combined with durability and extra strength.

This transparent color makes it possible to match your natural teeth. For example, if you need a single or only a few veneers in Turkey to restore your chipped tooth or stained teeth, you can almost correctly simulate your natural teeth. Nobody’s going to be able to see the difference between the veneer and your natural teeth. And if you’d like to have a bright Hollywood smile, E.max has a range of dazzling colors to choose from.

Additionally, the E.max veneers in Turkey are one of the best veneer fabrics;it is, therefore, long-lasting and is very difficult to break or discolor.

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Veneers in Turkey are not the panacea of all the issues.