Managed service providers (MSPs) are primarily involved in selling managed services apart from software and hardware. As a sales rep, if you have handled the sales side of an MSP company, you know how tedious it is to create quotes manually. Manual methods of quotation has various drawbacks. MSPs using manual methods of quoting often complain about spending lot of time in quotation process. Usage of spreadsheets actually makes the quoting process inefficient, thereby hampering the overall productivity of the team.
If MSPs want to add simplicity and speed to their quoting process, it is important to discard manual methods and embrace automation. A sales Quoting software for MSPs can work wonders to boost their sales process. Quote creation is transformed into a more efficient process with these software tools. No matter what services you offer, how complicated your products are, you can quote them quickly and send to the customer.  Studies have shown that these software tools decrease quoting time by a whopping 80-90%. The quoting system has all the necessary features to generate attractive quotes that can help to win new deals.

Quoting tools allow MSPs to provide pricing information in a professional format to the customers. With this software tool, MSPs can mail the quote in attractive HTML and PDF format. Moreover, some of these software applications allow you to add a video in the quote. For instance, MSPs can create a video elaborating more on features of quoted products. This can make a great impression on the customers and increase your chances of bagging the sale. The customer can view the quote online and approve the quote using digital signature.

Also, quoting tools are designed to integrate with some of the most popular software applications, hence MSPs are unlikely to face any issue incorporating it into their organization. For instance, if you are using an accounting software, say QuickBooks, you can easily integrate it with the quoting software. This means sales quotes created in the tool will be saved as estimates QuickBooks.

A sales order created in quoting software will allow you to generate invoice in QuickBooks. Thus, integration ensures smooth flow of transactions and eliminates the need to enter data twice in both the systems. Apart from accounting software, the quoting software can easily integrate with other tools such as CRM (Salesforce), ERP (NetSuite) and personal service automation (Autotask).

Also, these quoting software applications are designed in such a way that they easily connect with suppliers’ catalogs. Hence MSPs don’t have to browse through supplier site to view product information. All the product data required to create a quote can be easily accessed from within the quoting tool. MSPs have to just select the product from the catalog and add it to the quote. It is that simple.

On the whole, Quoting for MSP is mentally taxing when done manually. So, if MSPs want to gain competitive edge, add speed and efficiency into their quoting process, it is time to switch to automation by incorporating a software tool into their organization.

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