Sexual harassment and sexual abuse has been one of the biggest talks of the towns recently and in a matter of just few weeks, reports of numerous incidents in the same regards have surfaced from all parts of the globe.

Moreover, women have largely been quoted as the “Victims” in the course of all such reports and their male counterparts have been simply tagged as ‘Culprits” even when all the allegations were still to be proved during the course. It was quite recently when thousands of women came on social media to express their pain and agony about all types of misbehavior and molestations that they have experienced in their respective workplaces and even though investigations were about to happen in the same regards, most of them backed off from their words in a matter of just few days.

These types of incidents have become quite common in the workplaces around where females have a falsely alleged a male co worker for attempting “sexual abuse or harassment’ and the male counterparts have to lose their jobs and careers in the wake of all such happening around. Swaroop Raj was employed in Genpact as a vice president and whilst he was suspended from his services in the backdrop of some serious allegations of “misbehave” by his female colleagues, he eventually committed suicide out of the entire trauma he went through in the process. This is not the first time that a male has been targeted with fake allegations and this is also not the first time when he has to pay the price in terms of his own life.

We need to understand that the world has gone more advance in terms of technology and all the related aspects, so it’s easier for everyone, be it male or female, to file in their objections to the respective authorities within their organizations whilst going through all such traumatic experience. Thus, one must not be simply targeted blindly in the wake of “Verbal” allegations which are coming out from a particular gender. Talking in the same regards , famous Indian actor Anupam Kher stated ,” Without putting offense to all the women around, I can only say that sexual harassment can’t be quoted as a “ women only’ subject anymore and there have been instances when men have been intentionally targeted by the associated women for some cheap fame and money, whilst using all those false allegations as a mere tool”. Even Avinash Pandey, CEO of ABP News Network India has put forward his voice in the same regards by saying, “any complaint to the ICC (Internal Complaints Committee) if upheld, the organization should deal with the concerned offender very strictly and make an example out of him and simultaneously protect the dignity and the job prospect of the aggrieved female / male employee”.

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