Medical laboratories have so many various functions and applications in this day and age. When working in such an environment, it is advantageous to make sure that you are well stocked with the supplies you need to get your job done each day. Most of the time, most lab facilities like to have a surplus of supplies from which then can draw. That way, they are less likely to run out of anything, which is especially important when it comes to people’s health.


Syringes are a huge part of the day to day work life of laboratory technicians. They are an integral part of any reputable medical lab. They are used for preparing samples and running tests on various body fluids that are sent to them from various health clinics. Testing tissue samples is another thing that happens in medical laboratories each day. You also want to make sure that you have enough replacement needles for certain styles of syringes.

Order Beforehand

Ordering more supplies weeks or months before you need them is one simple way of keeping a surplus of supplies available for your medical lab. You always want to ensure that your technicians have enough of everything they need to get their jobs done. You need to be able to enable your employees to do clinical tests on specimens to ascertain certain parts of a patients’ health.

Equipment and Technology

Some labs test products instead of samples. Some test new innovations in the healthcare field before they go to market, depending on what the item might be. If your lab is testing new equipment or technology, be sure to ask the manufacturer(s) for enough refills so you will have enough on hand to fulfill their needs. Some types of equipment, like Hamilton Company lab equipment, can be used in many various applications and practices.

Inventory Check

You should always make sure to do regular inventory at your medical lab. This will help you know how much stock you actually have on your shelves at any one time. This is the best way to know where you stand as far as supplies. You probably need an inventory that will last you an entire month, if not more. Some of this will depend on how much storage space you have available to you.

If you run a medical lab, be sure to have enough supplies on hand at all times. This will allow you to have more flexibility in all areas of running the business. Keep extra supplies available and you will never go wrong.

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