Friends, let us tell you that there are 3 types of NGOs such as Society, Charitable Trust, and Section 8 Charitable Company, all three have the same work, all three have the same purpose/goal, the only difference in running them. The manner and their rules and their employees. So let us give you complete information about this.

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# No.1. Society Registration - Society Registration Processor
(i) Society Registration - Act, section and style of society registration.

The Societies Registration Act of 1860 comes under Section 21. We can also call it a charitable society. His work is like this, some kind of art, design, public museum, promotion of literature, collection of historical things, some kind of invention, a picture style, others.

(ii) Society Registration - What is required to be done for society registration, which are the necessary documents and how to apply?
To start this, let us tell you that we first need at least 7 people for society registration, first of which comes (1) President (President) (2) Vice President (Vice President) (3) ) Secretary (4) Joint Secretary (5) Treasurer / Treasurer (6) Executive. * (The Treasurer / Treasurer is the person who is responsible for all the treasury [transactions] going on in the institution). If you want to include more than 7 people, then you have to keep it like No 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19 members.

Friends, we need a memorandum to start it. In it, we put all the complete information, such as what will be the name of the organization, what will be the work of your organization, how will you do that work, what will be the expenses in your organization and how will you pay the incoming money of the organization Will put it inside, with this you will have to enter the details of the profile of the organization. After all this work is done, you have to submit the Memorandum of the Society and its profile to the Society Registrar or to the local Registrar Office. The petition that you submit to the registrar should contain complete details, such as you have been told the name of your organization, what you have to do, how you will do it and complete information about that institution.

Now let's talk about the charitable trust: -

# No.2. Charitable Trust - Charitable Trust
(i) Charitable Trust - Acts, Section, and Functioning of Charitable Trusts
Under the Charitable Trust Act 1882. Their work may include some kind of education, agriculture, women's problem, health problem, environment and child development - others like these.

(ii) Charitable Trust - What is necessary for a charitable trust, what are the necessary documents and how to apply?
Charitable trusts usually require two trustees. The main document in a charitable trust is deeded. A deed is a very important part of the charitable trust. Full information about the charitable trust is written in the deed. For example, the number of trustees can be at least as much as possible and for whom can the office be removed for its appointment and for what reasons. Due to all this, it is necessary to give in detail.

Talking about other information in this, the names of the trustees, their affidavit, the registration fee of the charitable trust, court fees of 2 rupees, stamp, information about the successor of the charitable trust and the consent letter of all the trustees are also attached with all the documents. is. Charitable trust documents are verified by the Charity Commissioner, with the deed of the most important charitable trust. You can also get information about the Charity Commissioner by going to your nearest office.

Let us now talk about the charitable company: -

# No.3 Charitable Company - Charitable Company
(i) Charitable Company - Act, Section and working style of Charitable Company
The charitable company comes under section 1956 act 25 (1) (a) & (b). Talking about the working of the charitable company, to increase science within it, arts, donations, religion, and commerce come. This company will use its profits and profits to fulfill the raised bid and will not give benefits to its members. It remains the rule of this company.

(ii) Charitable Company - What is necessary for a charitable company, what are the necessary documents and how to apply?
According to section 25, at least three trusts should come in / under the charitable company. For this company, we need Form 1a. After filling this form, we have to send the application to the Registrar of Companies. But it is important to keep in mind that you give three different names of the company, because if 1 name is rejected for any reason, then the other name which is given by you should be confirmed. After the confirmation/verification of the name, we have to submit the profile of the organization within 7 days.

Things to keep in mind and apply in any type of NGO.
First of all, let us talk about those things which are necessary to start any NGO: -

You have to think of a name for your organization, which will be used by some other organization.

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