When it comes to appointing Home Tutor for children, parents often remain confused how many to opt for. Firstly, please get rid of the myth that the greater the number of teachers, the better your child will perform. The number of teachers your child needs depends on the class/stage of education they belong to. Also, depending on the eligibility of the candidate parents can take a call on how many teachers they will appoint for career guidance.

Here is stating the number of private tuition a child might need at different stage of their career:

Primary school

When your child is in primary school, its better you appoint only one home tutor who takes care of the entire academics. As a child, it will be easy for them to communicate with one teacher daily. Also, the teacher being the only one taking care of the child’s academics will be able to understand their weak points and loopholes and work on them. More than one home tutor during primary school is not a requisite.

Secondary school

In the second half of school life that is between standard five to ten, each student must have subject specific teachers. This means while one English home teachers guide the English paper of your child, a historian can serve the purpose of history paper. Hiring experts for each subject will allow your child to learn in depth and cover beyond the syllabus topics. However, make sure that you hire the best of experts to train and guide your child.

High secondary school

When it comes to high secondary school, children have a knack to study with friends. How about encouraging this practice by appointing a teacher and a bunch of students? Don’t make the group too big as students find it hard to keep pace with the teacher. However, a group of two or three students with one teacher is a good combination at high secondary stage.

Montessori school

When in Montessori school, though parents play the role of a tutor yet its recommended to hire a Montessori trained teachers. These special teachers have a fair understanding about the child’s psychology which makes it easy for them to deal the kids. The Montessori trained teachers impart education in the form of games and fun.


When school gets over and children move to college, usually private tuition teachers who come home and take sessions is tough to find. So, now students should go to coaching classes which is smaller if compared to the roll strength of a college classroom and adds extra benefits to the student’s learning procedure.

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