How many? Sir, each and every big or small business owner needs to hire an experienced provider of bookkeeping services in Singapore. The alternative for them is to do the task themselves.

Bookkeeping for businesses is painstaking work. You have to consider each of your bills and invoices to account for business' earnings and expenses. You also need to file and store these documents in a secure way.

Many of them, especially the sole business owners, counter that they know business' earnings and expenses. So, they are fully capable of tracking business' cash flow in their mind. And, that having to pay bookkeeping and accounting fees is wastage of their money.

Singapore businesses have to regularly update their books of accounts. It is a compliance requirement for them. The management has to table accurate financial statements to the AGM. In fact, the directors are responsible for the company's all filings to ACRA.

This information is valuable to the shareholders. It tells them whether the company is doing well? It enables them to guard their financial interests. It is the reason why the Company Registrar, ACRA expects each company to comply with the requirement without fail.

On the other hand, accounting and bookkeeping firms digitize and store business' financial transactions in a central database. They process this data to understand the financial status of the business. The management can then act on their advise by taking decisions that are backed by hard data.

The analysis of the historical transaction data pin-points the ups and down in the company sales. The management can then find the answers to the changes in the sales volume. The data tells them when to offer discounts to clear the extra stock or place a purchase order to meet a rise in the demand.

It is very necessary for a business, small or big, to update their accounts. The latest data brings accuracy to the decisions made by its management. In short, bookkeeping services providers assist them in ensuring business' competitiveness and growth.

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