If you have a big event ahead, then the first question which pops inside your head is:- “How many security guards should you hire...?”

It is not uncommon to see event planners underestimate the number of guards they need with the intention of not overspending on extra guards. But this should not be the case. The present world is becoming increasingly violent, dangerous, even bizarre, at times. 

Safety should be a chief concern, and that’s why event planners must look to err on the side of caution and not hesitate in spending money to safeguard their guests, attendants and the venue. 

Instead, the word of advice is to work with your notable security company and decide how much manpower is needed to guarantee optimal protection for everyone present.



When determining how many security guards they should hire, there are some key factors to consider.

How Much Space Do They Need To Cover?

No matter how competent your security guard turns out to be, there can’t be present at two different spots. So, if your event has more space or is arranged, taking up a large space, then you should look to hire multiple security officers. 

Though this may still not be enough to cover every locations, all the time; having several guards scattered throughout the event setting will allow them to patrol all key spots in a reasonable span of time. And if something serious does happen, then these officers will be able to respond quickly to prevent the issue and maintain peace.

What Type Of Event Are You Hosting?

The second factor which plays a crucial role in determining the number of security guards you will require is the type of the event. If you are hosting a music concert, which includes expensive lights, music systems, alcohol, snacks and a legion of fanatic fans, then you need to keep 1 guard for every 50 attendees. 

Alternatively, if the event is an alcohol-free church event, then you can have one guard keeping watch for every 60-75 guests. 

How Many People & Valuable Items Will Be Present?

If your event is going to witness 20-50 guests and visitors, then going with 3-4 security guards makes sense. But if your event bears witness to 150-500 guests, then the smart idea would be to opt for 12-15 guards, all stationed at different key spots to manage the crowd and prevent any untoward incidents.

Alternatively, if your big event is a charity event involving lots of valuable items, then you can opt for several security guards. The right way to go forward would be to discuss your requirements with a notable security guard company on the number of guards you need. 

After sussing out all the risk factors; they will happily provide you with a proper number to have for your events.

Final Words

Now that you have a fair idea about how many guards you need for your various events, always trust notable security guard companies serving throughout Gold Coast to provide you with the right number of security guards.

Other than discussing the number of security guards in Gold Coast; you can request the same service provider about other security requirements to ensure nothing hampers your festivities. 

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The author runs a company specialising in offering security guards for hire in the Gold Coast for your various event security requirements. The author also has vast knowledge on those other top-rated security guard companies serving throughout Gold Coast.