Considering the increase in environmental pollution, people are moving to eco-friendly resources. Like other items, people are also considering the type of packaging that is not hazardous for the environment. Eco-friendly boxes have great importance in this regard. They are made up of biodegradable cardboard stock that can be decomposed by some natural methods. It makes them less harmful to our surroundings. The following are the processes involved in the manufacturing of these outstanding boxes.

Getting the Raw Material

Pine trees are the primary raw material that is used to start the manufacturing of Eco-friendly packaging. It is because they are fast-growing plants and easy to make the required boxes. Multiple companies grow them on large lands that provide them with the required amount of material. After harvesting them from the land, they are transported to the factories where they are further proceeded to make required packages out of them. However, some firms pay good attention to saving natural resources, so they use recycled paper for this purpose. This type of material is easier to be pulped than wood to form new packages.


After determining the right raw material for the manufacturing of custom eco-friendly boxes, you need to make Kraft pulp with them. For this purpose, you need to chip the wood pieces with the help of large cutting machines. After this, you need to pass these chips through the process of mechanical and chemical pulping. Mechanical pulping involves reducing the weight of the log with the compressive help force generated by stones. These stones are sprayed with water to reduce the fibers of the pulp. Chemical pulping deals with cooking the material in an alkaline solution. Sodium sulfate is also added in this process to provide strength to the pulp.

Making the Kraft papers

Once the pulping of the raw material is finished, you need to compress it to make Kraft papers. You can use compressing machines for this purpose that help you perform this task with ease. The finished pulp is entered into these machines that make a thin sheet of paper from it. The strength of the paper depends upon the material used, and the degree of compressive force applied to them. After this, papers are heated and passed through some rollers to make them even and smooth. The sheets are then cleaned and refined to give them a right look.

Fluting Cardboard

To make strong and durable packaging, you must flute the cardboard appropriately. This process involves the corrugating of the Kraft papers. For this purpose, modern rolling tools are used that can insert some alterations in the papers. These machines pass the papers through preheating rollers that prepare them for corrugation. After this, the corrugating rolls create ridges in them in a horizontal pattern that are steamed at high pressure. These ridged papers are then sandwiched between two plane sheets that are firmly pasted on them with glue or other sticky material. This process thickens the sheets that greatly enhance the strength of the boxes.

Folding and Gluing

This is one of the last steps in making sustainable packaging. After getting the thick corrugated sheets, you need to give them the shape of boxes. For this purpose, you must know the type of product you want to pack in them. You should select the size and shape of the packages. After this, you need to take measurements and draw lines on the sheets. Then you need to cut them according to these measurements. After cutting, you can fold the trimmed parts to get a three-dimensional template of the box. The sides are then glued to complete the product of these packages.

We are aware of the fact that environmental pollution is increasing with time because of the uncontrolled development of our industry. This is the reason; environment friendly packaging has earned good popularity in the market. They are easy to manufacture through a simple procedure. By considering the above-mentioned steps, you can easily make them at the commercial level.

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