Like people, dogs also become too bored in case there is not much diversity in their lives. With boredom comes a plethora of health and psychological issues. Examples of these are lethargy, non-participation in daily activities, poor behavioral patterns, irritability, and ultimately, depression.

The only way to reverse these trends is to develop a habit of taking your dog out in the open every now and then. Which begs the question: “How many hours a day should a dog spend outside?” Well, there is no straight answer to this question. A number of factors, which we discuss in detail below, determine the exact number of hours.



There is an indirect correlation between the age of dogs and the amount of time they have to spend outside. Younger dogs are generally more energetic than their elderly dog counterparts. As such, they have to be out in the open for an extended duration of time.

Their elderly counterparts, on the other hand, need not necessarily be out in the open for too long. They are not as strong and energetic as their younger competitors. Thus, they only need to go out and pee and come back after a shorter amount of time.


The breeds of dogs also determine to a great extent how long they may be out in the open. Some breeds like the high-energy Border collie, German shepherd, and the Labrador have to run around every now and then to release the energy. For them, you have to devote much of your time placing them out.

Many other breeds though need not stay out for too long because they are docile and require not much time outdoors. If you have them, you need not devote much of your time taking them outdoors.


Why in the first place did you domestic the dogs? Is it merely for fun or did you mean that they offer some protection to you as well? Well, if you meant to have them protect you, then they must spend much of their time outdoors.

That is due to the fact that they have to be very familiar with your area, its terrains, and the kinds of installations that are located therein. Then again, you have to train them to respond to some prompts and recall signals besides clothing them in suitable outdoor gear. Obviously, you cannot do these while the dog is inside a cage.


Some dogs, by their nature, are genetically predisposed to a life of quietness and tranquility. For this reason, they spend almost all their time indoors or even when released out, they will just stay for some time and retreat to the home. The opposite applies to many other dogs. They just can’t stay indoors.

Before choosing a dog, you have to consult your veterinary for the way forward. Let him tell you the precise genetic predisposition of your dog in order to prepare you psychologically. Do not offend your dog by not offering the right conditions and support for it.

Health Conditions

Lastly, the state and health of your dog also determine the number of hours it may have to stay out in the open. Dogs that have suffered physical injuries are more likely to require more time outdoors than those whose health is normal. The object is to help them regain their muscle strength and tone.

The same case applies to depression, anxiety, and a host of other emotional issues. In case however your dog is ‘normal,’ you need not stress yourself with taking it out. Just a little bit of the time out would be suitable.


Back to our question again, ‘How many hours a day should a dog spend outside?’ Most dogs only want a quick trip to the backyard to empty their bladder and bowel on a typical day. A vast majority are comfortable with staying indoors for a whole day and night.

This notwithstanding, you should take your dog out in the open for no less than 15 minutes each day. Preferably, this has to be broken down into two segments; one in the morning and the other in the evening. Expand this to 20-30 minutes each day for the extremely sick or energetic dogs. Check ThePetTutor for more about your pets.

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