There are like a billion of cellphones in the world as there are around 8 billion total population globally speaking. You can see cellphones everywhere. Cellphones are manufactured, displayed and sold in stores, and used by people. Cellphones are no longer a luxury but a necessity. That is why people can have as many cellphones with them. There are those who prefer to have one cellphone alone especially those who can't afford to buy an extra unit but just resort to phone recycling. Sometimes, those who have extra and old units rather look for booths that offer cash for phones. As for my experience, I used to have 2 cellphones and I sometimes sell my cell too, especially during times when I have nothing to grab in my pocket yet I want to buy something I badly like.

Based on statistics, the number of mobile phone users in the US alone has reached to over 303 Million and 4.6 Billion worldwide - and approximately more than 1,000 new subscribers added every minute. The survey of wireless carriers revealed that 96% of Americans are mobile subscribers and continues to grow and is expected to increase to five billion this year. The increase of mobile phone industry is due to people dropping their house phones and shifted to mobile for it is more convenient that you can carry it with you and sometimes cheaper than fixed house phones.

The spread of mobile phones has aided millions of Americans and billions of people around the world in a modern age of convenience. On average, one person in the US buys mobile phone once in every 18 months, every 15 months in Europe and every 13 months in Asia. The mobile survey revealed that more than 257 million “data-capable” phones are active on most wireless provider in the US and roughly 50 million of those are smartphones.

Mobile growth is fueled by demand developing countries - the most populous nations have the most mobile subscriptions are led by China and India. In the same time, these countries contributed over 300 million new mobile users which is more than the total number of mobile users in the US. However, AT&T Mobility CEO and current CTIA chairman Ralph de la Vega stated that US still tops globally in different categories, including 3G users, number of smartphones activated and number of mobile applications purchased.

National Bureau of Statistics of China survey released in February 2011shows China has a total of 859 million subscribers or 64% of the population. 47 million of these users own 3G mobile phones. Telecom subscription data by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India released in July 2011 states that India now has over 840 million subscribers or 70% of the total population.
Mobile annual average growth worldwide is up at 22% over the same time last year, according to surveys. It shows that even in the face of global economic recession, wireless industry continues to grow. International Data Corporation believes that mobile phone market around the world will be driven by smartphones through the end of 2014.

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