Keeping a strict record of your body intakes is a step towards health. One should be well aware of the body energy needs. It helps them to stay healthy and energetic. In this era of junk food and sedentary lifestyle maintaining appropriate weight is very important. As workout is becoming null and void these days people always look for an easier way to lose weight. Shortcuts and easy methods are the priority of everyone. Moreover, cardiovascular diseases are increasing day by day. This makes people more conscious about their weight. Calorie consumption is very much important to be noted. Therefore, every mind has a question these days how many calories should I eat a day? Nonetheless, this attitude makes you look physically fit. Therefore, maintaining calorie input and consumption is need of the hour.

What is the average calorie demand of the body?

The average calorie demand of a body varies from person to person. There are many factors which affect the calorie consumption. Sex and lifestyle are the most important ones. As per sex, the following is the daily calorie requirement:

• Male : 2000-2500 cal / day
• Female: 1500/day

Individuals are ought to maintain the daily input within these brackets. This will help them in maintaining their weight within health measures. Calorie intake exceeding this range will lead to serious weight problems leading to obesity.

How many calories should be burned every day?

Calorie consumption is also very important. Therefore, a sedentary lifestyle is not very much appreciated. You need to take some work out steps daily in order to maintain the calorie balance. Due to this after average intake of calories as per body demands there should be an appropriate calorie burning. It should be within:

• Males: 1000-1500 cal/day
• Females: 500-1000 cal/day

This helps to maintain a balance between input and output.

Why is BMI of primary importance in calorie consumption?

BMI (body mass index) is the ratio of your body weight to height. This is an important parameter in determining your body’s health. Therefore, it is to be measured from time to time. Due to prime importance physicians demand a proper record of BMI. BMI also has an average range of which a healthy and smart figure can be maintained. Height and weight are correlated. That is why they play the main role in calorie consumption. The range for BMI is 18.5-24.1. If you are not ranging in between then you are gaining weight. Your calorie consumption should be in accordance with your weight.

How should calorie consumption be maintained for losing weight?

According to the research, you should burn 2000 calories on average to burn a pound of your weight. It is a slow and stress-free process. It parallels with your health. You can lose weight and stay healthy. Maintain your diet and eat healthily. Add a morning walk to your schedule. Follow some workout steps. This will help you in losing and maintaining your weight within the desired categories. This is a positive step towards health and fitness. It saves you from all the diseases.

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