There are so many countries around the world and among them, Indians are famous for our rich culture and ceremonies. And apart from these Indian weddings are always extravagant and colorful. In earlier times, wedding functions were not that stylish and extravagant, but as time has changed the style of marriages. The style of marriages also gave birth to various bridal jewelry pieces, one piece different than the other.

But, from these bridal jewelry pieces, the mangalsutra remains the most vital and sacred gem that is irreplaceable. The part and importance of the Mangalsutra have never changed to this date. According to Indian tradition, there are different types of mangalsutra, which signify the matrimonial status of the woman and the promise between the couples to be together forever with god’s grace.

Having a perfect marriage is the dream of every individual. It may be an incredible reminiscence that every folk will constantly remember. You'll be planning a variety of event venues, costumes, jewelry, decorations, and more.

Among all these planning, determining a perfect mangalsutra design is very important. Because mangalsutra is what you most often wear after getting married. So is it that complicated to choose one among several types of mangalsutra? Let’s check it out.

Almost all women in the world have worn wedding dresses or gold threads as a sign of marriage since ancient times. The most important difference between traditional Mangalsutra designs and Modern Mangalsutra designs is the use of the details of intricate designs and how they are rendered in different periods. The beautiful metal, gold, has been part of the Indian tradition for centuries, but recently diamonds are starting to trend.

Besides these details, another difference between traditional mangalsutra designs and modern mangalutra designs is that the traditional Mangaslutra designs have a high quantity of black beads, while the modern Mangalsutra designs have a comparatively low amount of black beads. Let’s see some of the traditional mangalsutra designs

(A) Traditional Mangalsutra Designs

Traditional mangalsutras are considered heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. Mangalsutra consists of a single or double thread with hook-shaped ends, which can be diamond or oval and can be worn with matching earrings. Traditional golden Mangalsutra design, simple and very elegant.

1. Diamond Studded Star Traditional Mangalsutra

This beautiful diamond studded star mangalsutra has glittering round brilliant cut diamonds that adorn the double-decker dangling star pendant that is seated gracefully on the shiny gold chain accompanied by auspicious black beads of traditional Mangaslutra.

2. Raindrop Traditional Mangalsutra Design

The gold chain is exquisitely crafted with outstanding geometry and smooth lines. The diamond-encrusted boundless circle at the top adds a thoughtful touch. Auspicious Mangalsutra black beads placed on the front of a shiny chain add a strong sense of ancient tradition and are wrapped in luxury.

3. Curling Chandelier Pendant Traditional Mangalsutra

This unique gold necklace showcases a traditional serpentine chandelier trinket set with sharp round-cut diamonds in a dazzling setting. This imaginative pendant is centered on a delicate cable chain with auspicious black Mangalsutra beads, creating unique details and patterns.

4. Crest Flower Pendant Traditional Mangalsutra

This glamorous gold necklace features a floral pendant, giving it a cool style and soft shine. The rim with sparkling round diamonds on the top emphasizes modern classiness, adding geometrical balance. A glossy chain adorned with artfully placed good omen Mangalsutra black beads conveys ancient culture and traditions.

5. Concentric Circle Drop Pendant Traditional Mangalsutra

Brilliant sparkling round-cut diamonds adorn this concentric circular chandelier drop pendant, dripping with elegance and natural beauty in a stunning pendant. A magnificent necklace featuring auspicious black Mangalsutra beads gives this gold necklace a creative combination of ancient tradition and modern everyday wear.

B) Modern Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

Mangalsutra set with diamonds is very elegant to wear on memorable occasions or in everyday life. Diamonds are considered the ultimate representation of love and commitment in India. Many people want to use them as wedding gifts for their loved ones after being inspired by Indian wedding traditions.

1. Butterfly Pendant Mangalsutra Designs

Butterflies represent transformation, happiness, and joy, making this ornate gold mother-of-pearl necklace a joyful gift for your loved one. Auspicious black Mangalsutra beads on a delicate chain add cultural pertinence, illustrating a lasting romantic commitment. Celebrate every moment with love and charm with nature-inspired and unique diamond articulations.

2. Interlocked Circles Pendant Mangalsutra

The circles of the two existences symbolize interwoven romance with the promise of a lasting commitment, an unbreakable bond. Inspire your love with this beautiful eternal round necklace in sparkling gold with diamonds on one of the circles, giving it a pleasing asymmetry. Decorative auspicious Mangalsutra beads add meaning to this delicate design, a symbol of ancient culture and tradition.

3. Circle Of Eternity Pendant Mangalsutra

Sparkling diamonds are set in a benign tussock in the middle of this beautiful gold necklace. These diamonds are surrounded by an eternal circle, an elegant miniature of endless love and joy. Auspicious Mangalsutra black beads on a delicate chain add a meaningful touch to this beautiful design, an antique cultural tradition that symbolizes unbreakable commitment and romantic love.

4. Sun Pendant Mangalsutra

Ancient culture blends with a modern flair with this beautiful decorative sun design, a boon for the future. Celebrate your lasting marriage with this captivating gold necklace, a special representation of your love - a beautiful sun pendant on a delicate necklace with auspicious Mangalsutra beads. The sun brings renewal, growth, and change, making it the perfect symbol of your love.

5. Fern Leaf Pendant Mangalsutra

A classy fern leaf set with round brilliant sparkling diamonds exudes natural inspiration dripping with charm and attention to detail. An exquisite necklace hangs this enchanting pendant, decorated with blessed black Mangalsutra beads. This thoughtful design allows you to celebrate your special moments and romance, bringing a contemporary flair to ancient cultural traditions that are touched with blessings.


The importance of Mangalsutra has never changed in so many years, but the Mangalsutra types differ from culture to culture and preference to preference. Mangalsutra can directly be purchased online or from a store and the Mangalsutra design can also be customized according to the customer's requirement.

The main and most ancient concept of Mangalsutra is said to be originated in the southern part of India and was later adopted by the North Indian states with some modifications. The South Indian Mangalsutra style consists of yellow thread covered with turmeric and saffron. While the North Indian Mangalsutra design has a high number of black beads with a silver or a gold trinket in between.

These are the reasons why the Mangalsutra designs from different states are different from each other. Though the designs change with time as we stated above the significance of Mangalsutra for a married woman will never be changed.

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