Managing time when working online is very important from the standpoint that many operate out of their home and work alone. Time therefore is more a challenge than it is a luxury and needs to be managed correctly when growing a business online! On the other hand maintaining an overly regimented work schedule can actually be counter-productive and disrupt business growth!

Here are just 3 examples as to how too much of a strict adherence to a preset work schedule can limit you when growing a business online!

Missed Opportunities

The point of scheduling your day in advance is that it helps you focus on tasks determined to be important towards growing a business. Now do not get me wrong, focus is a great way to get the most out of your efforts. On the other hand by keeping yourself 'so' busy and focused on the task at hand also makes it easier to miss opportunities that may present greater potential for business growth! It may simply be a new strategy or even a change made by search engines that could significantly impact your efforts! It is important to keep your 'ears to the ground' and your 'eyes peeled' when working online to take advantage of anything that can make your efforts more effective!

Discourages Exploration

It is always a good idea to be receptive to pioneering for new ideas or strategies as opposed to stumbling over them. Maintaining a rigid work schedule discourages this practice since visiting forums, blogs or social sites for new ideas can really burn the clock. When growing a business you need to try and remain as close to the 'cutting edge' as possible. Keeping your head stuck in a predetermined schedule does not allow for the opportunity to seek out new techniques or tools that can benefit you!

Burn Out

Regimentation can wear you down! Performing the same tasks over and again, without change, will bore anybody, and working online this could even kill your motivation! Growing a business takes plenty of energy and motivation and by lacking either you will NEVER succeed! As the saying goes, 'variety is the spice of life' and it is this spice that you want and need to keep you motivated and moving forward! We all need the challenge, excitement and anticipation that comes with any new 'discovery' that may help us to continue growing personally and professionally!

Managing time although very much required when working online also needs to be done so within reason. As the discussion above has shown being overly regimented when scheduling your day can actually limit you in terms growing a business on the internet. By allowing yourself the leniency to break from your schedule to freely explore, other options and opportunities for business growth can be gathered and used!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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