Machine learning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a new development that is welcomed by all. Perhaps what makes it so interesting and unique is its vast potential to affect software development at a fundamental level on a very large scale, probably more significant than FORTRAN! It requires programmers and developers to step up from the traditional coding techniques/paradigm.

Overview of Machine Learning and Software Development

The anticipated change that accompanies machine learning is so huge that it’s caused several seemingly unending debates: how will it affect existing software development practices? Will it lead to acute computerization of tasks that jobs will be affected? How best can such a development be checkmated for excesses? These and many more and some ever-prevailing questions regarding machine learning are on the minds of developers.

Tons of software technologies emerged since the early 80's. At various points in history, there have been high-level languages, scripting languages, low-level languages, etc. However, it has been continuously observed that this software, in spite of the increasing numbers, hasn’t really changed and hence doesn’t allow software-based users to achieve much.

The emergence of machine learning is a welcome development. If the predicted effect of machine learning occurs in software development, various stakeholders can benefit immensely. Two of which include web and mobile development companies and software product development companies. It’s essential to note at this point that machine learning does not aim to build a ‘perfect system.' A perfect system is one which can identify a problem, proffer the solution and implement the solution. Human intervention is still needed for this.

Now that there’s a clear established overview of what machine learning entails, the next suitable line of action would be to explicitly define the terms and examine how exactly machine learning can affect software development.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning has been defined by experts as a subfield of artificial intelligence which employs inferential techniques to give the computer system the ability to adopt new things from data without any scheduled pre-programming.

It’s the act of getting computers to act, behave and think as humans do. It’s a field that aims to make computer systems smarter. It’s the process of using algorithms to make the computer act without being explicitly programmed.

It’s a field of research that employs real-world interaction and data to make computer systems smarter.

What is Software Development?

This has been defined as the process of programming, designing, testing and reviewing web and mobile applications and other software components.

Software development simply refers to all processes, individual and collective, which a software passes through during its life cycle. Development of software is such an important task and should not be handled by just anybody. A poorly developed software has the potential to disrupt entire operations of large firms. A sure way firms can ensure they have top-notch developed software is to hire dedicated developers. This helps to protect against any form of data / software loss.

How can Machine Learning improve Software Development?

Machine learning can improve software development through two (2) basic ways;

1. Machine learning helps in creating better software.
2. Machine learning helps to improve overall software functionality.
The details of how machine learning achieves all this is examined below.

Machine Learning helps in Creating Better Software

This is made possible as a result of the new and improved tools that machine learning provides. These tools ensure that coding is made easier and software testing is more effective. As predicted, the overall quality of software development and testing as we know it has experienced a dramatic increase which then prompts machine learning towards its next audacious undertaking – automated testing.

As a matter of fact, machine learning has already been preliminarily used in this regard with the invention of as bots and they’ve been programmed to detect bugs. Machine learning is gradually making tools available that can automatically detect and fix bugs.

As a result of these tools, a web and mobile development company can flawlessly create web and mobile-based software which are extremely user-friendly and ensure that the task is completed. Similarly, a software product development company can create top-notch software products without the fear of bugs as machine learning will help to eliminate such errors.

A company can hire dedicated developers who can then work with this machine learning to deliver a near-perfect system.

Machine Learning helps to Improve Overall Software Functionality

Companies of today always insist on a high level of software functionality. This is due to the need for highly personalized customer services. There are already several cases of how machine language was able to dramatically increase the functionality of applications.
A web and mobile development company can now hire dedicated developers to integrate such machine learning functionalities into applications. In recent times, this is turning out to be an easier process.

A good example of this is the Microsoft API which makes it easier to incorporate machine learning with just a few lines of coding. Amazingly, the functionality that machine learning delivers can also help a software product development company to create better products. Such products can then have world-class functionality boasting of little to no errors.


Despite the seemingly overwhelming benefits that Machine learning provides to software development, one major problem that a web and mobile development company can face is developing the right mindset. A software product development company can also face such a challenge. The mindset that traditional software programmers have is that of a linear algorithm. Such a method is not required when using machine learning. Programmers need to be more understanding and flexible. Rigidity will do no good for innovation.

One of the ways a company can be totally in sync with this new development is to hire dedicated developers who are very flexible, accommodating and audacious to evolve along with the current trends. When you’re ready to create a project that includes AI be sure to contact us, and we’ll work with you to make your project a success.

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