Satin adds more X-factor to the wedding start with!! However, there are other factors that add to the glamour of these D-day dresses as well.

If one is the edges and the effect they create, the other is the delicate laces that they come up with. Hence, let us discuss how the lux lace style fits in satin gowns.

The Elegance

When you look for satin lux lace, you practically redefine elegance. Much of this elegance can be attributed to the sheen of satin. The effect it creates against the tenderness of the bride’s skin, the overall look and feel of the bride, with her assets and curves elaborated by the dress take the class and elegance of the dress and the bride in it to an altogether new level.

lux lace wedding gowns

The Anatomy of the Laces

When you look at the lux lace bridal wear available in Melbourne, the first thing that strikes you is the design. They come in a wide array. While some would have a classy front, with a flowing mood, which covers the curves and the assets, only giving the hints of the same, you will find some with airy back, which will reveal the elegant torso like anything.

And then, there are those laces, which will caress the edges of the gown like a petal, making whatever skin visible, more eloquent. In fact, a satin lux lace with these expressive laces that run down the edges all over make the gown more expressive and hence, romantic and fitter for the D-day!

The Beading

Lux laces are famous for the beading. In white, the beading will appear like tiny pebbles in clear brook water. The whiteness of the beads against the whiteness of the gown, adds an extra bit of visual pleasure.

But, then when it comes to satin gowns, that pure whiteness might be missing, for satin at times, comes a shade or two less than pure white. And that creates the magic. The white beading, against that not-so-white background, will create a subtle yet gorgeous effect that will tell its own story.

The Mermaid Effect

And then, the mermaid effect with the free-flowing structure that caresses the ground is another highlight of these bridal wears in Melbourne. And when it comes to satin gowns, it will give the bride a free-flowing, floating effect as she slowly makes her way to the ceremony for the final vow.

The Strapless Version

And then, when you opt for the strapless version, it is all about elegance in the purest form. Its a free-flowing variety, with little disturbance, running from the chest area till the toes and beyond in one flash. It is this perturbed elegance, which underlines the class and elegance of satin, making the bridal look all the more classy and subtle, yet bold and awe-striking!

Hence, if you have opted for a satin wedding gown of the lux lace variety, it is a wonderful choice that will make your look on your D-day aristocratic. It will also add an element of timelessness, the memories of which, will live with you forever... solely for the dress, along with the other 'pretty' things!!!!

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The author is a reputed wedding dress designer in Melbourne who comes up with astounding bridal wears. The author is also an avid blogger.