Have you ever felt like there was something you wanted to do, but just felt too afraid to go for it?

Most of us have had this experience.

What is Self-doubt Anyway?

Self-doubt comes from the ego – it’s a nasty trick of the conscious mind. It makes us think of all the “reasons” why something won’t work. It tells us we’re not good enough.

Self-doubt makes us fear change. It makes us fear the unknown.

Self-doubt makes us fear failure; it even makes us fear success!

Self-doubt doesn’t actually reflect reality. It’s a destructive illusion.

Love is the Truth

Love is at the core or your being. It’s the essential energy of life.

Because Love is eternal, it sees well beyond your limited perspective.

Love knows the truth of what is possible. It believes in your full potential because it knows that you can do anything you set your mind to.

And it’s ready to help you do it.

Love will conquer self-doubt by dispelling the false reasoning of your limiting beliefs.

Put Love in Charge

When you find yourself hesitating to act, give yourself a good talking to.

But let Love be in charge of the conversation.

It might go something like this:

You (filled with self-doubt): “I want to start a business that shares my passion with the world. But what if I can’t make any money with it?”

Love: “You can make it work. You are here to share your unique gift with the world. You have value. Offer it.”

You: “I don’t really have anything to offer that’s worth much to anyone else.”

Love: “Money is a form of energy. If you share your enthusiasm, your knowledge and your energy, you will be well compensated for your time and effort.”

You: “But I don’t know about marketing and business. There’s just too much for me to be able to handle everything.”

Love: “You are an intelligent person. You can learn what you need to in order to succeed. Other people have already done exactly this kind of thing.
Share your passion with people that can help you move forward.”

You: “Yeah, but it’ll probably take so long to pull it off that I’ll be old before I start making sales . . .
I better just watch my favorite show tonight. Maybe I’ll think about it more later.”

Love: “Your life will go by one way or another. Do you want to look back on this moment five years from now and regret the decision to give up without even trying?
If it’s going to take time to do your most important work, get started right now. You will feel so much better doing something creative than giving away your power to the television.”

Show Self-Doubt the Door . . . Closed

You know that Love is right. You will feel better if you go for your dream.

There will be struggles along the way, certainly. But you will rise to meet them. Love will conquer self-doubt when it tries to stop you from making progress.

Hold on to the truth about who you are. You are an amazingly resourceful person.

Deep inside, you know what you truly want. And you know how to get it.

♥ Keep your eye on the prize.

♥ Nurture the Love you have inside you.

♥ Embrace your powerful creative nature.

Exercise your full strength.

♥ Identify yourself as an achiever.

♥ You find a way to make incredible things happen.

♥ Keep practicing Loving self-talk. Realize that doubt is not something you have to own.

Eventually, when doubt comes knocking at the door, you’ll know that she’s at the wrong house. Look through the peephole, shake your head and say, “No time for you today.”

When doubt comes knocking, don’t even open the door. Get back to what you’re doing. You’ve got a lot to accomplish today.

♥ ♥ ♥

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Meet Mary Anne... She's always Loved Love.
She's a practicing student of Love and has taught the subject in her books and on her blog, "The Love Post" since 2014.

Now that she's a wife and mother of two beautiful little ladies, she's more determined than ever to teach others how to use Love to transform their lives and have a positive impact in the world we all share.

Mary Anne offers her knowledge and wisdom in a practical, easy to understand way so that you can start improving your life immediately, with Love as your guide.

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