How long does Pu-erh tea taste better? Pu-erh tea at each stage has its unique taste characteristics and benefit. As long as it is stored properly, it will help the transformation of Pu-erh tea's endoplasm. How long it takes to store it depends on personal preference. You can find your favorite taste from each storage stage.
Taking Pu-erh raw tea as an example, let's look at the four tasting periods of raw tea:

The first one is just three months after it was made. For example, the spring tea that was just pressed and placed for two or three months at that time, the new tea at this time, the water vapor first faded, the tea is heavy, and the tea has strong gas. This kind of courage and sharpness, the taste is green and full, the advantages and disadvantages are clear at a glance, the aroma is overflowing, the tea at this time is suitable for tasting, the new tea is more like "tasting", more suitable for collection, wait for a few years to polish Remarket in years.

The second tasting period, one year later, at this time, the taste of the water in the tea disappeared, and the endoplasm disrupted by high-temperature autoclave gradually settled, the taste tended to be stable, the sense of thickness was enhanced, the defects slowly disappeared, and the coldness was slightly Fading, at this time, you can taste the true temperament of a tea. Drinking it half an hour after a meal has the benefit of reducing fire and digestion.

The third tasting period is seven years later. After seven years of raw tea, the scent will slowly appear. The aroma will transform into infinite possibilities in the years. The original floral fragrance will be converted into fruit honey fragrance, or the original fragrance will be weak. Now with the rich floral fragrance, it is possible that the fun of storing tea is that it will surprise you from time to time. Tea for more than seven years, the tea will turn warm, and the benefit of nourishing and strengthening the stomach is obvious.

The fourth tasting period is 20 years. The tea at this stage is truly "unexpected". Twenty years old dry tea has a strong aroma and may have precious medicinal incense, camphor and ginseng. Wait, the taste is mellow and smooth, especially the health care benefit is unmatched, and it has certain medicinal value. It has good benefits on lowering the three highs and nourishing the stomach and stomach. Such old tea can be drunk as soon as you can drink it. This is all about time and time, and drink it and cherish it.

The year mentioned here is measured by the natural conversion of Kunming's pure dry warehouse. Different regions have different conversion speeds due to different climate temperature and humidity, but there will be some discrepancies, but for tea friends, it is recommended to keep the pure dry warehouse Natural conversion, this is the most secure and the best storage method.

Tea learners, every stage of tea transformation should try to feel the changes. The tea you keep is best to drink every one or two years. Observe the transformation direction of the tea and whether it is stored properly.

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