Tiling a swimming pool requires sound knowledge, expertise and skills in order to get the desired outcome. When you choose to design your swimming pool with high-quality tiles, you should also keep in mind the maintenance and other costs you need to bear. Of course, if you have splurged on tiling your luxury swimming pool, you would surely want to keep it looking in good shape for long. How long will your swimming pool tiles last depend upon your pool type, quality of tiles used and routine upkeep. 

In this article, we will discuss about the average longevity of swimming pool tiles, their individual benefits and expected life which would help you decide the best one to bank upon.

Various Types of Pool Tiles

  • Glass tiles are quite popular
  • Mosaic tiles have been in trend for many years
  • Stone tiles offer natural earthy appeal

How Long Does Swimming Pool Tiles Last?

The question pertaining to how long would swimming pool tile last depends upon many factors. It all starts from selecting the right tiles to adhering to correct installation techniques that help in prolonging the shelf-life of your swimming pool and make it look great for the years to come.

  • Choosing the Right Tile is Essential: When it comes to installing tiles for swimming pools, usually glass tiles, ceramic and porcelain tiles are recommended by experts. However, it’s always wise to hire professional swimming pool renovation in Melbourne who can help you pick tiles that can withstand water, chemicals, and natural wear and tear and make your investment worthy.
  • Delaying Repairs Can Cause More Harm: It’s never wise to delay swimming pool tile repairs as it can cause more damage than good. If there’s a slight disturbance in balance, it would become a serious concern for your swimming pool. Addressing tile and grout repairs on time by specialists offering pool renovation in Melbourne can prolong the longevity of your swimming pool and make it last for decades.

Usually, waterline tiles last somewhere between 5-10 years if you perform regular upkeep and maintenance of your swimming pool.

Glass tiles usually last longer due to its durability.

In general, tiles installed on fibreglass pools last longer than concrete pools and with regular upkeep and maintenance, you can further prolong its lifespan. 

What Are the Perks of Installing Swimming Pool Tiles?

By far, tile is considered to be the most durable finish for a swimming pool and offers ease of cleaning and maintenance. Tiling swimming pool has always been a preferred choice as it offers charm, elegance and aesthetics to any pool interior and uplifts the visual appeal to a great extent. As plaster stains quickly, concrete pools require specialised waterline tiles. Fibreglass pools on the other hand, don’t require tiles but contributes a lot in elevating the overall look of your pool interiors.

Bottom Line

Hope this article was helpful in ending your quest pertaining to how long would swimming pool tile last. Choosing the right tile in accordance with your swimming pool and routine upkeep is a must to keep your tiles looking great for years. 

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