Joint replacement surgery is a medical procedure that aims at the removal and replacement of a damaged joint with an artificially created graft that performs the same function as the original joint. Joint replacement surgery has helped millions of people worldwide and has given a new ray of hope to many more. However, joint replacement surgery is a very complicated procedure and people who undergo joint replacement should do so only after trying some non-invasive treatments first. Doctors from the leading orthopaedics hospital usually recommend surgery when all other treatment procedures fail to work. They offer the best joint replacement surgery in Delhi and have been successful in treating many patients effectively.

Joint replacement surgery is usually the last resort of the doctors. The first line of treatment includes rate loss, if appropriate, an exercise regimen, medication, injections, or bracing. Physiotherapy can prove to be very helpful in some cases but the effects are very slow. If these measures fail and the patient is still experiencing tremendous pain and there has been no significant improvement in the condition of the patient, the operative measures should be taken into consideration. The doctors after making sure that no other treatment is working would check if the patient is a suitable candidate for the surgery or not and then proceed only after making sure that the candidate is best suited for the surgery. If you are planning to undergo joint replacement surgery in Dwarka you can find the best Orthopaedic hospital there.

It has been seen that a total joint replacement usually lasts for 15 to 20 years at most. A better way to determine how long it is going to last is by looking at the annual failure rates, and the current data in this regard suggests that the hip replacement and knee replacement both have an annual failure rate varying from 0.5 - 1.0% which means that if one gets their joint replaced, the chances of it lasting for 10 years is between 90-95% and the chances of it lasting for about 20 years is between 80-85% and with the improvements in technology, it is believed that these numbers may also improve. As per a recent report, only 2 per cent of patients undergoing a knee replacement surgery required revision surgery within five years of treatment. And same is the case with hip replacement.

It is seen that while some patients may have knee replacements that last for quite a long period of time, other patients may require a revision knee or hip replacement in just a handful of years after the surgery. A second knee or hip replacement surgery which is commonly called a revision surgery is a major undertaking that often has less successful results than an initial knee or hip replacement and therefore lasts for a shorter span.

There are certain factors that may affect the longevity of the replacement and those factors are the age of the patient, patient activities, patient weight and avoiding complications that might affect the joint replacement implant.

As the younger patients are more active and tend to move around a lot, it is seen that the patients that are younger than the age of 50 years usually require revision surgery at some point in their life. There are certain activities that are very taxing and although they may not be painful but put a lot of strain on the knee or the hip of a person, these activities and how frequently they are performed affect the knee as they tend to put unnecessary strain on the replaced joint and cause the parts to wear out more quickly.

The weight of the patient also greatly affects the life of the replaced joint. Obese people tend to be more prone to bone and joint related problems which clearly indicates that excessive weight can greatly decrease the life of your replacement.

Joint replacement surgery hospitals in India have undergone a lot of changes in the recent past and have developed over the years with the use of machines and equipment based on latest technology. You can find some of the best doctors in Delhi who resort to the use of the latest techniques and methods to treat their patients and that too at affordable rates. This is the reason why a lot of foreign patients also prefer to get their joint replacement surgery done from India.

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