There is no fixed time limit for chronic epididymitis treatment. It mainly depends on whether men choose the appropriate treatment method and the degree of individual absorption of drugs.

Chronic epididymitis more and more troubled the lives of many men. It can bring a lot of physical pain and suffering and cause severe damage to their minds. Chronic epididymitis may be the late stage of acute epididymitis.

Clinically, chronic epididymitis can be defined as symptoms of discomfort and/or pain at least three months in duration in the scrotum, testicle, or epididymis localized to one or each epididymis on clinical examination. Usually, the scrotal examination can find epididymal tenderness or obvious induration. It can cause significant harm to the male body if it can not get treatment in time. Therefore, for chronic epididymitis, men should do early detection and receive early treatment.

So how long does chronic epididymitis need to be treated?

Many patients want to know how long they can eliminate chronic epididymitis because it will be related to the patient's daily life arrangement. As far as we know, chronic epididymitis is a chronic disease, unlike acute epididymitis, which can be cured in a week. Compared with acute epididymitis, chronic epididymitis treatment time is longer, and treatment difficulty is also a little bit bigger.

Generally speaking, if it is not very serious, then men may have a shorter treatment time. If it is severe and causes a high fever, the treatment time will be longer. Generally, it takes about ten days to half a month to achieve control and cure. The key lies in the choice of treatment and daily life care.

Now the primary way to treat chronic epididymitis is drug treatment. If the symptoms are mild, find out the specific pathogen, do a drug sensitivity test when necessary, and choose the most sensitive drug. Men must control the spread and development of symptoms; otherwise, it may cause orchitis and form epididymal orchitis.

Chronic epididymitis often occurs together with chronic prostatitis, which seriously affects men's physical and mental health. Therefore, the effect of the simple use of antibiotics in treating chronic prostatitis is not apparent. It is suggested that men choose the patent herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for symptomatic treatment, which has a definite curative effect, green safety, no side effects, and can effectively avoid the recurrence of the disease. It is a reliable method for the treatment of chronic epididymitis at present.

It can treat chronic epididymitis and prostatitis and cure other male urinary and reproductive system diseases, like seminal vesiculitis and orchitis. It is suggested that patients should avoid sedentary and excessive alcohol intake at the same time of treatment. Exercise more. Avoid spicy and stimulating food. At the same time, they need to drink more water.

For patients with recurrent seizures and ineffective drug treatment, a vasectomy can be considered before treatment. If the pain is too severe and symptoms recur, epididymis resection can be considered to relieve the pain if necessary. It is the final treatment.

How long does chronic epididymitis need to be treated? There is no fixed time limit. It mainly depends on the degree of individual absorption of drugs. Generally normal, 1-2 courses of treatment symptoms will gradually ease, the specific recovery time and personal condition and whether it can achieve strict diet control and other related factors. They should try not to eat some spicy food, which can easily lead to aggravation of inflammation.

In addition to insisting on drug treatment, patients should also pay attention to daily care in their daily lives and avoid bad habits such as a sedentary position and holding urine, which is conducive to recovering the disease.

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