When victims of a car accident file insurance claims, one of their main concerns is about how long it will take for them to receive compensation. They will have different bills that need to be paid, and the longer the process draws out, the more anxiety it may cause them. You must discuss this process with your auto insurance accident attorney, so that they may guide you on the proper timeline and the procedure for your car insurance settlement.
Different steps must be taken in the settlement process, and all of these steps take time. Your insurance company needs to be thorough in their assessment, and once they have the complete picture, they will ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve after an accident. We will take an in-depth look at the negotiation process to paint you the complete picture and provide you with all the details about how long it will take to negotiate a car insurance settlement.
Looking at the Negotiation Timeline
Every auto accident case is different, and that’s why it may be handled in a slightly different manner. It also depends on the insurance company and the individual circumstances surrounding the case. The negotiation may take around a couple of weeks to a month before the insurance company reaches out to you for a settlement. The standard actions that take place after any car accident claim is filed include the following:
• You will receive medical treatment for any injuries
• There is going to be an investigation into the accident
• The insurance adjuster is going to determine who was at fault
• You will receive a letter for reservation of rights from the insurance company
• Your lawyer is going to prepare a demand package and send it to the insurance company
The insurance company is going to send you a settlement, and you have the option to either accept that or reject it as you see fit. If you end up refusing it, your lawyer is going to send a letter with a counteroffer along with a description of the justification. It is then up to the insurance company to either reject or accept the counteroffer.
The insurance company may try to deny any liability for the claim or try to maximize the claim’s value in some other ways. You may also have to come up with additional proof related to your claim or provide evidence that supports them. The time it will take to work out this process depends on various factors, including the number of offers and counteroffers you receive.
It can even drag on for weeks after the offer has been made before the insurance adjuster gets a chance to respond. It is often months before a claim is settled if the car accident victim chooses to accept the third or the fourth offer.
When Does the Settlement Check Arrive?
It generally tends to take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks from the date you’ve accepted the settlement offer until you receive your first settlement check. You will have to sign a release form that states that the check meets your satisfaction for the claim. Your lawyer will be the one that disburses the check, and they will be responsible for paying any liens that are placed on the settlement amount, like accrued and unpaid medical bills. They will also deduct the attorney’s fees, any out-of-pocket costs, and any other costs that were agreed upon. Your lawyer is then going to provide you with the balance of the settlement.
The Common Steps in the Settlement Process
The negotiation process is going to be like haggling over an item at a yard sale. You can choose to make a high demand for the value of your claim, and it is then the insurance company will respond to you with a lowball offer. The insurance adjuster may try and poke some holes in your car accident claim and will explain why the value is so low. You can then counter this message with information that supports your position, like the accident report or your medical records.
The insurance company is more than likely to offer you a higher settlement amount to determine if you are still desperate to take the low offer. You can respond by offering them a lower demand than what you asked for, and the insurance adjuster may raise their offer. This process will continue until both you and the insurance adjuster have agreed on the settlement value.
Before your insurance company makes an initial offer, you’re going to need treatment for any injuries caused by the accident and reach a point where you are safe from any injuries. The insurance company is going to request copies of your medical records, and after you’ve submitted your demand package, it can take anywhere between 15 to 90 days before you get a response from them.
During the negotiation process, you must provide your insurance company with the complete details of the accident. That will ensure that they have the complete picture and can work with you without any disputes arising that may delay the process even further. There are several instances in which your car insurance settlement can be resolved without any delays.
That tends to happen when both you and the insurance adjuster can agree on a fair settlement. So, try and ensure that you work with your insurance adjuster, and negotiate a settlement that covers your cost of injuries and any other costs related to the accident.

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