For ensuring the longevity of office drafting chairs in Australia, it is crucial to follow the cleaning methods. Proper care and maintenance make sure that employers and employees don’t have any kind of disappointment. Coming to the query on the time required to clean these furniture items, it depends on the method that you are going to use.

On average, individuals have to invest 10 – 15 minutes to deep clean a chair. Do remember that the material of furniture items might also decide to pick the cleaning method. If you are going to perform this task for the very first time, this guide will come in handy in your case.

Time Required to Clean Office Drafting Chairs

Dirt and dust can be removed from these items by using a vacuum machine. For certain processes, there is a need of using scrubbers and soap water. Based on the method that you choose, there will be a difference in the time required for cleaning them.

It includes-

  • Dry clean of chairs can be done within 5 – 7 minutes
  • Dry clean of chair upholstery can be done within 5 minutes
  • Cleaning with the help of soap water requires 15 – 20 minutes
  • Cleaning with the use of scrubbers requires 5 – 7 minutes

Coming to cleaning the entire office chairs, this will be a simple math calculation. Suppose you have to clean 20 chairs, it will take 200 – 300 minutes (3 to 5 hours). Similarly, the cleaning of 40 chairs will require to double the time mentioned early (6 – 8 hours).

Considering the cleaning process of desks, it requires far less than chairs. The primary reason is that there will be no upholstery. According to experts, cleaning a single desk can take at least 2 – 5 minutes. Now, you have to multiply this time by the number of tables to find the total time.

Ways to Clean Office Drafting Chairs

  • Vacuum Cleaner

It is a hassle-free process to remove dust and allergens. Anyone can perform this task if he or she gets proper guidance.

  • Soap Water

Mild soap would work if stains are sticking to the upholstery. One must have the right knowledge to use soap water to clean furniture items.

  • Scrubber

At times, scrubbers can be used to remove stains that won’t be removed easily. After using this, you can either go with soap water or vacuum the area.

  • Can of Compressed Air

Vacuum cleaners might not reach tight places. This is where the convenient option is to use a can of compressed air. It helps you blow out the dirt and dust particles.


For stain removal or deep cleaning process, there is a need for investing a certain amount of time. You can’t do things in a hurry to make sure of bringing office drafting chairs in Australia to their brand new condition. It is suggested to fix a schedule for cleaning so that you don’t have to stress out on things. It will be convenient to clean furniture items once every week. In case this is not feasible by any case, you may consider cleaning them twice a month.

While cleaning chairs and desks, you might think about buying new ones to replace the old furniture. Make sure of choosing the right shop to collect your required items. Feel free to compare the prices at different stores and select one where you could set a good deal.

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