How Long Does It Take For An Ex To Miss You With No Contact: How Long Until Your Ex Contacted You

Making your ex miss you like crazy after a breakup may seem difficult but in reality, a few minor things can make them go nuts for you and soon enough they are going to be wanting you back.

Change Your Looks
Once you start changing how you look, this is really going to get them wondering why you are all of a sudden changing your clothes, the way you do your hair, how you do your makeup, or anything else in general. They are going to be going crazy trying to figure it out.

This does not necessarily mean leave the state or country and stay inside forever, but just take a trip to a family member's house for a few weeks. If he sees that you are gone, he may wonder about you. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and the less your ex sees you, the more he's going to miss you and won't be able to wait for you to return home.

Bump Into Your Ex Nonchalantly
Without your ex knowing you are doing it on purpose, coincidentally be at a party they are at, or go to the same restaurant they are at. If you know where they work or hang out, be there on a fluke and if they see you, act as if you didn't know they were going to be there. Keep conversation short if they approach you.

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Get your Friends Involved
Without your ex realizing or catching on, have your friends talk about your talents or new things you are doing to make you seem like a much better person without your ex. They are going to want to be a part of the new you and will begin to miss the times you two shared.

Don't Contact Them
While it can seem rather tempting, do not call or text your ex. This is going to be a test, and see how long it takes them to get in contact with you. If they don't contact you after a certain period of time, you can send them something simple. See how they react.

Don't Show an Interest
The worst thing you can do is ask around about your ex. All the little tricks you are doing needs to remain a secret. If you go asking around about them, they are going to know you are still interested and it may push them away.

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Just remember that a breakup can only be temporary. You and your ex may have decided to take a break from each other but it doesn't mean that it's completely over. In other words, how to get the love of your life back is a challenge but it is possible.

Try to be patient

Impatience won't get you anywhere and it will only make you do things out of fear. Sure, you're unhappy but you need to ignore that little voice inside your head that keeps telling you to take action now. There's a time for everything and if you just recently broke up then it's not the right time to make your move.

Relationship can be similar to work and career. Rather doing it in a hurry, focus on getting it right instead. The wrong move or bad decisions can cost you a lot or in this case, the chances of getting your ex back.

Let your ex go

It's a strange advice given the fact that what you're trying to do is get your ex back. But before you can get back the love of your life, you have to let them go first. If your ex backs off and wants to be alone, then you need to step back and give them their space. Moving forward means that you're chasing them and some people would run the opposite direction if they're chased by someone they really can't stand right now.

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Now just because you agreed to let them go doesn't mean you should suffer everyday. Give in to your grief but find it in yourself to bounce back. And if you let go and try to become a stronger person, then this will surprise your ex. They may be expecting you to keel over and die from misery. Well, they're in for a surprise. Also, you become more attractive and desirable as a confident individual.

If you're no longer chasing them and have decided to respect their space, then they will stop running. They will stop and see the person they let go and start thinking that maybe this breakup wasn't such a good idea after all.

Put on a brave face

You're not made of stone so of course you're hurting right now. It can show on your face, in your eyes, the way you carry yourself. You feel miserable but hey, life has to go on. You have to face the world again more specifically your work and your friends. And then you run into your ex.

Should you let your ex see just how miserable you are? Of course not! When it comes to how to get the love of your life back, put on a brave face and make it look like you're doing fine. Your ex isn't going to want you back if you look like you're about to fall apart. Think about it, if the situation is reversed, would you want your ex back if they look so miserable and pathetic? Or would you feel smug because you can see just how much it's affecting them?

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When a relationship ends the love in it doesn't die an immediate death. So if you do the right things and make the right moves then reuniting with your ex becomes easy. Here are the things that you need to do and keep in mind if you want to reunite with your ex.

Keep your distance
In the initial few days don't hassle your ex. What you are thinking as damage control is causing irreparable damage to your relationship. Do not irritate your ex with a barrage of calls and messages as that will make you look pathetic; worse still, don't ever try to buy your ex's love with expensive gifts as that will make your ex feel cheap.

Look for signals that say that your ex still loves you
Meanwhile, look out for the signals that say that your ex still loves you. It could be in them not looking all that bright or in your ex not socializing. Your ex's aloofness signals that he/she still hasn't moved on and is still working to get over you and the relationship. You need to recognize these signals and be sensitive towards them as your ex might deny being in love with you.

Get to the reason behind the mess
You must also try to get to the bottom of the relationship mess, Understand why as a couple you both failed and how significant was your role in that. Getting to the depth of the problem is very important as you will need to make your ex see that you have understood the problem that ruined the relationship. From here on things can only go up.

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Make the right changes
Just identifying the problem is not enough. You need to also make the right changes so that your ex can feel secure enough to re invest his/her feelings back in the relationship.

Connect with your ex
After you have taken some time and analyzed the cause of your relationship's failure you need to call your ex. If you cannot muster up the courage to call and speak to your ex, leave a voicemail or send an email. Mention that you just want to sort out some differences so that you can both be friends again and ask your ex to meet you at some casual place for a coffee.

Apologize for your mistakes
As you meet your ex apologize for your mistakes and make them see that you are a changed person.

Restart the relationship
You should also look at your relationship with your ex as a brand new relationship so that it grows stronger and you get reunited.

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Emotions are running wild after a failed relationship. You're completely angry and hurt by your ex, but you still love them and will do anything to get them to want you back and for them to be in your life again. It is possible that if your ex still has feelings for you, then there will be signs that your ex still wants you back.

You're hurt, fragile and are feeling sorry for yourself, convincing yourself that you and your ex will never ever see each other again. This form of thinking will only make things worse. You're completely depressed, nothing in life is worth living for and each day you stoop lower and lower. After any break up, the key is to get over these emotions so that you can think straight again. Once you are thinking straight again you will clearly see the signs that your ex still wants you back.

When your emotions are a little higher and settled down, you are able to feel more positive about things in your life. Change your mode of thought. For instance, if you are constantly thinking of whether you and your ex will get back together; concentrate on doing things you enjoy doing. This is the key to get over any trauma in your life- keeping your mind occupied; mental health is as important as physical health. Remember, while you are feeling down, so is your ex.

Giving it time will allow you to clearly see the signs that your ex still wants you back. Perhaps your friends will tell you positive things that your ex has been saying or perhaps you start seeing your ex everywhere you go.

When an ex starts making contact with you again; this clearly is the ultimate sign that your ex still wants you back. By communicating will allow you both to resolve any issues and hopefully get back together again.

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