How Long Does It Take For An Ex To Come Back: When Does An Ex Start To Miss You

It is natural to want your ex back as soon as possible once you have realized that you cannot do without him. However, these things do take time! You cannot expect your ex to come hurtling into your arms again without a little time passing! Both of you need to have some time to think things over, do a little bit of soul searching and find time for a few regrets. Here are some clues that will give you an idea as to how long it will take to get your ex back.

After they begins to cool off!
Immediately after the break up there are bound to be ruffled feelings, anger, doubts, bitterness and hatred. These feelings are natural and both you and your ex are bound to run the gamut of these emotions. This is the reason why you should give each other time to get over the first feelings of disappointment and anger. After a while you will begin to cool off and reason out things more calmly. That's when both of you will give place to other feelings of love, tenderness etc and begin to miss each other.

As soon as they begins to miss you
Once they begins to realize that you are not around anymore they are bound to start missing you like crazy even if they does not want to admit it to you. Look for clues that tell you that they still has feelings for you and act accordingly.

The period it takes to change things
It is impossible to change the situation around immediately or overnight! A certain time period has to pass whereby they should realize that the situation and circumstances are different. When this happens, they will automatically begin to wonder if there is a chance of you getting together again.

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As soon as you turn over a new leaf
Unless you can convince them that you have turned over a new leaf and are not the same person who hurt them anymore, they are bound to have some hope that the relationship can be salvaged. Do all you can to make them see that you have changed from the inside out and they will come back to you.

Once they realizes that it is time!
It is obvious that once your ex realizes that it is time you got back together again, they will take the first step towards reconciliation. If both of you want a second chance, it is obvious that both will be on the lookout of signs and signals that confirm your mutual desires. Once you reconnect in the heart - it will be easy to get back together.

Pretty soon if you don't try to push it!
The more you try to push them into coming back to you, the more they will resist you. The fact that you are trying to blatantly pressurize them shows that you are bossy person who wants his/her way. It is better to let them take their own sweet time and do it their way and in their own timing.

When no one else comes up to scratch
One of the reasons why anyone would want to come back to their ex is because they cannot find someone else who is up to the mark! If they finds that you have left a very high standard and no other woman can be on par with you - you have spoilt them for others and they will want you and you alone!

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Why did you breakup? - Once you know this, you can get to work to change. You see, you must examine the causes for the breakup to begin with, so that you do not continue to make the same mistakes over and over. Furthermore, if you do change, your ex will no longer be able to argue against taking you back.

Give your ex the needed space - If you do not do this, you will put yourself down a path of destruction, and you will ruin all of your chances of pulling your ex back. You see, your ex currently takes you for granted, because you are showering him/her with too much time, attention, love etc.. But, if you were to take those things away from your ex, he/she would instantly miss you and would want you back.

Date again - Do not be afraid to have a relationship with someone else, because this will actually pull your ex back faster than anything else. You see, if you make your ex jealous he/she will instantly be desiring you once again, because they will not be able to stand the idea of you dating someone else.

Become very upbeat- Understand that your ex does not want to be around a crank pot, or someone who is extremely emotional and depressed. Instead, become a happy and outgoing individual, so that you actually display yourself as someone your ex should want to be around in the first place.

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Right after the break up, you didn't want to see your ex at all. You were hurt and angry, and very afraid of what you might say to your ex, as this would only have aggravated and already volatile situation. However, for the past few days, you have found yourself yearning to see your ex again, and are wondering how you could make your ex miss you.

This really won't be so difficult to achieve, and I'll tell you why. You see, just like you, your ex was also hurt and angry after the break up, and just like you he/she didn't want to have anything to do with you. Now though, your ex is probably over all the pain and heartache, and is also beginning to regret the break up.

It is really great that you guys stayed away from each other for a while. You gave yourselves time to get over all the bad feelings first. However, you are now both feeling the need to see one another - the bad feelings have disappeared, and your love for each other is starting to take over again.

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Even though this has happened, there are still a few hurdles to get over before you can make your ex miss you. The bad feelings that you have inside you might have faded, but what you said to your ex and vice versa, will always be there. Those things hurt really badly, and unless they are sorted out and fixed, there will always be this awkward feeling between the two of you.

I would suggest that you apologize to your ex via a text message or email. Say that you are so sorry for what you said and if you could, you would make them all disappear, because you really didn't mean any of it. Your ex will understand what you're saying, because he/she did exactly the same thing to you, and is more than likely feeling just as bad as you are.

Your message is going to make your ex miss you. He/she will remember how great it was being with you, and he/she will want that back again. Now it's just a matter of time before you get together and talk about getting your relationship back on track again.

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Life after break ups can be quite devastating especially when you had no idea it was coming. You have to wonder why it happened and how to reverse a break up. The best way is find out what caused your ex to leave. Friends are the best ones to help with that especially if your ex confides in them. Start being real and stop living in your imagination. And make sure you are big enough to say sorry. It goes a long way to admit you were wrong.

Of course, if you are serious about getting your ex back, you need to find out what things you need to change about yourself that worked against you. This means getting real with yourself and checking out your flaws. If you can't see them, ask your family and friends. They tend to see what you can't. When you know these things you can begin to reverse a break up.

If you're a female wanting to reverse a break up, change how you look. Visit the hair dressers, get a make over, with new hair color, new stylish cut and new clothes. Don't forget to pamper your skin with new trendy make-up that will blow your ex's socks off. If you're a guy, then start visiting the gym and get those abs looking firm and fine. Change your hair style, and stop wearing your jeans below your butt.

What about how you speak? Is it street talk, or do you waffle on about everything and nothing in particular. Are you loud or so quiet no one can hear you?. Maybe your language needs improving. If you truly want to reverse a break up, get a bit of culture into you and start changing how you talk and what you talk about. Be more trendy by toning down the slang and teaching yourself to be more careful with what you say. Remember you're a new person so act it.

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