An ultimate goal of any business is to increase its revenues. To do this the businesses need expert staff and advanced tools. The combination of these two assures to increase revenues as well as ROI (Return over Investment) aka profit of the businesses. Thus, you must hire skilled staff and get all required tools that contribute in increasing the ROI. There are many tools a business can acquire to increase the profit, one of those is the Live Chat Solution and we will talk about that in this article.

Once upon a time the live chat solution was used by the eCommerce industry only, but now, almost all businesses use this solution as it offers the best benefits to them. It can be used in all types of communication to speed up certain processes and increase the staff productivity. Let’s see some most effective operations to increase revenues where you can use the live chat solution .

Lead Generation and Conversion

To increase revenues, the most important thing to do is increase sales by acquiring new customers. To achieve these businesses invest a lot on the digital marketing services to bring traffic on their websites which can be converted into the leads. Sometimes these visitors can’t find the answers to their questions on your website and thus, they leave without raising any inquiry. The live chat solution will give a chance to initiate a conversation and offer help. Your staff can answer their questions in real time and that can help in a significant increase in the sales. The live chat software lets you increase both, lead generation and conversion.

Customer support

Your customers may have some questions for which they are looking for the quick answers. The approach of using email, help desk ticketing solution, and other traditional tools results in unnecessary delays in the answer. The alternative of using chat via Skype or WhatsApp will not keep the professional history of the conversation as it will be saved on the personal device of your employee. Thus, the live chat solution is the best tool here. Your customers can get prompt answer of their questions as well as you will have the chat history stored in a centralized system that can be referred any time when the need arises.

To control misuse of communication tool

You might be using the traditional chat solutions such as Google Hangout and Skype for internal communication. All of you will agree to a point that there might be some notorious people in your team who waste their time during the working hours in unnecessary chat conversations. With the traditional solutions there is no way to monitor such conversations and limit them to avoid misuse. However, the live chat solution comes with some amazing features such as monitoring the chat or having history of chat to access by the admin, etc. There are also some features available in the custom lice chat solution such as transfer chat or take control of chat which can help in taking action in real-time. This solution can be really useful in increasing the staff productivity and enforcing fair usage policy which is crucial for businesses.

These are the top 3 areas where the live chat solution plays an important role and increases the business revenues and ROI and that’s why it is a must use feature for any business.

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Mehul is working in a company that offers unified communication solutions such as, live chat solution, IP PBX software, contact center solution, etc.