Admission officials in many colleges give preference to students who have taken up a second language study. Here are some of the reasons why-

• It displays a dedication to learningLearning a second language fluently requires persistence and hard work. Admission officials are on the lookout for students who constantly challenge and strengthen their skills. Taking a four-year language course in high school proves to them your dedication towards acquiring a new language.
• It exhibits your interest in foreign cultures – You are required to acquaint yourself with the customs and traditions of the country whose language you are learning – this is part of the language learning process. Interest in other cultures can shape your interest towards the degree or career you go on to pursue. It also diversifies a classroom.
• It indicates your knack for working hard – You have to add to your vocabulary while working on your pronunciation and being able to construct meaningful sentences as part of language-learning. All of this necessitates a level of persistence which you may also apply in other classes, if need be. Colleges seek this very hardworking spirit in their students.

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Apart from the above, it can also help a student score higher on standardized tests which is a further asset to their college application.