I just love the DVR, don’t you? Over the holidays, during some much needed down time, I caught up on some of my favorite shows, including Oprah. (I had close to 15 shows in the queue!) One day I was watching her interview with the Aussie Country Music star, Keith Urban, who is married to Nicole Kidman.

During the interview Keith was sharing about his and Nicole’s first date in which he asked her a question. He said he didn’t know why he was asking it or where it came from, but he was inspired to ask her nonetheless. (He was following his Inner Wisdom!) The question was, “How is your heart?”

What a soulful man, I thought. What a deep question, right? Then I got to wondering, how is my heart? How is your heart? Nicole’s answer was absolutely breathtaking. She said, “It’s open.”

Having an open heart is not easy. There are consequences to having an open heart. It’s vulnerable, exposed, and at risk of being broken. When your heart is open, what’s inside is available for everyone to see. It can be judged, rejected, stomped on; it can be laughed at, ridiculed and dismissed.

Any one of these reasons is enough to close your heart up, put a bolt and chain on it, and throw away the key. That’s the safe thing to do, right?

Yet, aren’t there equally as painful consequences of having a closed heart? The pain of being alone, separate and disconnected. The pain of holding back your truth, brilliance, wisdom and divine purpose.

When our heart is broken, and oh how painful that is, we close it up and tuck it behind a wall of protection. But that wall isn’t just keeping out what could potentially cause us more heartache. It’s keeping out that which can bring us more joy, love and contentment than we have ever known.

For some time I have been fighting an inner battle with someone very close to me. What I have noticed as a result of considering this very simple question that Keith asked Nicole, is that my heart has been sealed shut in this relationship for fear of being hurt and rejected. And by keeping my heart closed up tight and denying myself intimacy with this person, I have been missing out on so much of the beauty that life has to offer. You see you can’t compartmentalize a closed heart. If it’s closed in one area of your life, you can best believe it’s closed in other areas too!

Our natural state of being is joy. We were created to experience all the good we can handle. Yes, we must take the bad with the good, the dark with the Light, that’s the Law of Polarity. AND our natural state is to enjoy our experience in this lifetime.

So when we close off our hearts and resist this natural state, life just doesn’t work. We experience obstacles, set-backs, self-sabotaging behavior and dark nights of the soul.

While I was on vacation last month, I decided to open my heart. I decided that in order for me to experience the joy that I was seeking at the level I have been seeking it, then I needed to do what I consistently encourage you to do. I had to be willing to be vulnerable and face my fear of having my heart broken, again.

I want you to know that I have not looked back in the month since I made that decision. What I have done is allowed in a new level of peace and contentment into my life that feels natural, organic and liberating.

It’s amazing how life shifts when you simply make the decision. The Universe feels the shift in your energy and responds to the rise in your vibrational output and your point of attraction changes. Sending more like experiences your way.

Your Assignment

OK, you know the drill. Go get your journal!

Do your Self the favor of creating a quiet, peaceful environment to write. You’re going to practice your Conversational Journaling and guess who you are going to have a conversation with? Yup! Your heart!

*** Before you begin this exercise, ask ‘judgment’ to have a seat outside the room. It can come back as soon as you’re done with the exercise, and for now, you’d like it to leave. ***

1. Light a candle, make some tea, and get comfy in your favorite spot.
2. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and get present. As you inhale, focus your attention to the area around your heart. As you exhale release any tension you may feel. Just let it go.
3. Continue your deep breathing and stay focused on your heart space.
4. When you feel connected and present with the energy of your heart, open your eyes, get your journal and pen and write: “How are you, my heart?”
5. Just listen for the answer. Remember, there is no judgment, only the truth of your heart.
6. Trust your Self to know the next best questions to ask to serve you and your heart best.

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