The unexpected and unwelcome breakout of the Corona Virus has certainly impacted the lives of many humans in almost all countries of the world. Not only it has impacted the
people’s health, but a severe reduction in business activities across each industry sector is also a brunt of this deadly disease. This virus has forced the people to stay indoors and refrain from visiting any crowded places for steering clearance of the virus. Every country is
working beyond its capacity to suppress the effects of this virus and hold it down. However, this situation will require some time to come into control.But if you are looking forward to getting yourself poker education coaching while sitting at home, then you must go for player Jonathan Little coaching overview.

The impact of COVID-19 on the gambling industry is very much evident. The industry is already facing a slowdown for the last 2 to 3 weeks and maybe, a sharper decline is yet to come. The most impacted are the physical casinos. The government is closing all the places having mobs of people like cinemas, cafes, gyms, restaurants, and casino is no different than this. The physical casino’s activeness is determined by the presence of travelers and journeyers from all over the world and their frequency is what brings life to the physical casinos in the era of online gambling. However, looking at the confinement put on the travelers by the countries, the loss is very apparent. Already the economy has been hit badly with the revenue going into mammoth fall, but there will be surely a big catastrophic like situation if this lockdown movement persists for few more months. About 8 percent of receding has been recorded in the global gambling market. Almost after 20 years, such a fall in annual revenue has been observed. China, the initiator of the virus has been hit hard. Its gambling industry faced a declination from 87.8 percent to MOP3.10bn in February. As the relaxation venues have been closed down, the net cash costs which were expected to be around 25m Pounds will drastically be reduced to 17m Pounds. This result is observed in many countries such as The US, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, and the list goes on.

However, the effect of lockdown might be altogether different for online gambling as compared to land-based performances. Due to shutdown all over, a major shift from physical to online gambling is highly expected which will cause a constructive knock-on influence on the online gambling zone by rising revenues up to 15 percent and can also go beyond this, if the current condition persists.

Looking at the standstill in the tourism sector and the current risk of moving out from home, people are working from home and it’s very obvious that they are also looking for some entertainment from home. This online betting platform will raise the count of patrons to an
impressive level as the players will find their refuge in online gambling and will be able to play by staying indoors. Also, the payment mode used in digital betting will be an added advantage as the payment here is made using cryptocurrencies. Hence, this eliminates the
intervention of any third party for payment and also it eliminates the risk of contracting viruses by coming in touch with the physical currency that is highest in the physical casinos.

Though there is all positive news for the online gambling platforms, we cannot deny the fact that the virus can crash here too as there are certain forecasts that cannot be ignored. Like if there is any sort of cancellation of any famous and major game events, conferences or seminars, it might affect the gambling industry deeply and have a repercussion across the board. Also, we cannot deny a situation where there is a probability that all the resources that are assigned particularly for the gambling industry will be cut back or whittle down or
they might be used somewhere else for achieving certain objectives. If we talk about the exertion that is put behind the research and development of the new games, it might face a smash and support for the gambling industry can be at stake when there will be an inadequate novelty.
Uncertainty still exists after the above assumptions and predictions that whether the shift of land-based gamblers to online betting will be enough to counteract the lost earnings for the operators who are operating both kinds of casino i.e. physical as well as online.

However, things can go in any direction as the current situation is highly vigorous. With the hope that
all the prestigious medical private labs will soon come up with a vaccine to cure the COVID 19 and the situation will be in complete control, let’s just pray for the best!

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