Productivity and efficiency are more important than ever in the fast-paced commercial world of today. Fortunately, companies trying to optimize their route planning and reach maximum efficiency have access to a priceless tool in the Dynamics 365 Map Plugin. 

Dynamics 365 route planning helps your field team members connect with more clients in less time. Provide your on-field resources with streamlined routes to cover consumers in their respective regions more quickly. 

To improve the output and outreach of your team, find the most effective routes based on start and finish locations, modes of transportation, etc. Continue reading about how the Dynamics 365 Map Plugin is useful for Route Optimization:

Best route by origin and destination

Your on-field resources will save time and effort if you let them see the best route from the origin to the goal. With Dynamics 365 Map enhanced route optimization completes more tasks in less time. 

You can lower company's profit margin by cutting back on fuel and other unnecessary travel expenses related to customer coverage.

POI search

The representative requires locations such as restaurants, petrol stations, hotels, etc., when on the road to refuel, rejuvenate, pass the time, or attend to pressing business. 

The representative can choose their region of interest and look for any locations listed above and more in your area without straying from the predetermined, optimum route.

Route optimization by multiple filters

Utilize various filter options to improve the routes. To optimize routes, use filter choices such as shortest time or distance, miles, avoid highways, tolls, and ferries while searching for a route. 

Use the route search option when combined with the shortest path first method to find faster routes inside the plotted route’s search radius.

Plot routes by different modes of transport

To create routes based on the various transportation options, such as walking and public transportation use Dynamics 365 Map with optimization feature. 

As a result, you can arrange your resource’s schedule for a particular day by considering the traffic and transportation options. By selecting appropriate method of transportation based on the routes, you can also reduce expenses.

Turn-by-turn navigation

An extra plugin is included with the stress-free, optimized, traffic-free routes. They are all equipped with turn-by-turn driving instructions. 

You can follow these step-by-step instructions for navigation, forward them through email, and even print them off for later or better usage. A small change can have a big impact and simplify life.

Radius search

The field representative may have to deal with canceled or postponed appointments, meetings that end early, or extra time before the workday ends when you are already on the ground and traveling the prearranged route. 

In such situations, the representative can utilize Maplytics, choose the radius or proximity search option, and set GPS location as the current location. Then select a radius number for the amount of time or distance you are willing to travel, and have the clients surrounding you shown on the map.

Schedule and share optimized routes

Dynamics 365 Map not only build but also share optimal routes with optimization features. View the optimal routes by adding the origin and destination, in addition to any waypoints between them, and rearranging them. 

To plan the use of a specific route, choose the day and hour. Send emails to your teammates using the optimum route you have developed.

Configure route details

Set up the route, send your on-field representatives an email, and provide them with more information. Choose whatever details need to be shared with the representative and set up the detail options accordingly. Together with the route information, you can email the entity name, title, and location.

Summing it up

Thus, above details show how the Dynamics 365 Map Plugin is useful for Route Optimization. Choosing the appropriate tools can make a big difference in route optimization, an essential part of modern corporate operations.

Using Dynamics 365 Map Plugin for route optimization will allow you to improve customer service, cut expenses, and streamline processes.

Author's Bio: 

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of AppJetty, a digital software products store specializing in extensions, plugins and apps for host of software platforms like Magento, WordPress, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Odoo, Dynamics CRM, etc.