We all know very well that attorney's power is the essential estate planning tool, but there are different kinds of power of attorney, which has several other purposes.

To get a solution to your problem, you need to understand the options you are already having and what options you have to proceed with.

A power of attorney basically helps you in the form of a person you appoint or an attorney or agent. It will take financial or other forms of decision from your place. It will also help if you ever become incapacitated or can't act on your behalf.

Now let us talk about the four main types of power of attorney that you need to know in order to make a decision.

• The Limited power of attorney:
It provides someone else the whole power to act in your place for a limited time or purpose. For instance, a limited power of attorney can give someone the right to get a signature over a deed to the property for you on the day in your absence. It gets halt in a time that is specified in the document.

• The general power of attorney:
It is all in one comprehensive and provides your attorney all the powers and rights you have yourself. It can give the attorney the right to sign the documents, pay your bills, and conduct other financial transactions on your behalf. It gets ends on your death or the incapacitation time.

• The durable power of attorney:
It can be general as well as limited in scope, but it remains in effect after you turn out to be incapacitated. Without the support of the attorney's durable power, if you turn out to be incapacitated, nobody would be representing you unless a court appoints a guardian or the conservatory. It stays in effect until your death or while you are incapacitated.

This kind of attorney might be personalized in a manner to give your agent the authority or permit the agent to carry on the whole process.

Look, when you want your power of attorney to present in the cases if you become mentally incompetent to tell about your wishes or decisions, then the durable power of attorney is the perfect fit for your needs.

• Springing power of attorney:
Similar to the durable power of attorney, the springing power of attorney permits your attorney to take action for you if you turn out to be incapacitated, but it won't become effective until you are incapacitated. Suppose you are using the springing power of attorney. In that case, it is vital that the standard for analyzing the incapacity and prompting a power of attorney to be finely laid out in the document itself.

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