The male reproductive organs play an important role in sexual function, especially the seminal vesicle and testis, which are mainly responsible for the production of sperm. These two parts are fragile and easy to be injured, among which seminal vesiculitis is more common. Seminal vesiculitis is a common male disease, mostly occurs in men aged 20-45.

Seminal vesiculitis can be divided into acute seminal vesiculitis and chronic seminal vesiculitis according to its clinical manifestations. But no matter what type of seminal vesiculitis will cause particular damage to the male body. Seminal vesiculitis is often combined with prostatitis, so the treatment of seminal vesiculitis is more troublesome.

At the same time, the course of treatment may be longer. The more safe and effective treatment method is herbal medicine therapy, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can simultaneously treat seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis and other male urinary and reproductive system diseases without recurrence.

According to observation, seminal vesiculitis is usually caused by infection of other organs. Besides, what other factors can cause seminal vesiculitis?

Factor 1: excessive masturbation

Men should be familiar with masturbation and even have masturbation experience. Masturbate is to eliminate sexual desire. Therefore, proper masturbation is helpful to male health. However, some people masturbate without restraint, which will cause damage to men's seminal vesicles, causing rupture of capillaries in seminal vesicles, thus inducing seminal vesiculitis. Therefore, males should not do frequent excessive masturbation to cause harm to their bodies.

Factor 2: urinary infection

Many males are busy with work or just playing games. When they feel like urinating, they don't want to move. This behavior is not good for health. Holding urine for a long time will appear the phenomenon of urine reflux so that the harmful substances in the urine into the seminal vesicle lead to the occurrence of seminal vesiculitis.

Factor 3: lymphatic infection

We all know that men have seminal vesiculitis because of other diseases, such as lymphatic infection. If there is inflammation in the urethra or intestines of male friends, it will infect the lymphatic system and induce seminal vesiculitis with the aggravation of inflammation.

Why does seminal vesiculitis affect fertility?

1. Composition change

Most of the seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis appear at the same time. At this time, the semen will be mixed with bacteria. At the same time, the plant acids will also increase. The bacteria will devour the nutrients in the semen, making the male fertility decline.

2. Increased viscosity

When seminal vesiculitis occurs, there are bacteria in seminal plasma and many white blood cells, which increase the consistency of semen. It is not easy to liquefy after ejaculation. Liquefying sperm will quickly enter the female vagina, and sperm-nonliquefaction will lead to decreased vitality.

3. Quantity abnormality

Inflammation of the seminal vesicle will decrease the secretion of seminal plasma, affect the survival of sperm, reduce the quality and quantity of sperm, and affect fertility.

In general, seminal vesiculitis is more harmful to men. It will not only bring a series of discomfort but also affect male fertility. Therefore, men should pay attention to it.
When they find hemagglutinin, they should conduct the relevant examination in time.

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